What we've been up to...with pictures!

It's been crazy busy here in my neck on the woods, er desert.  It's been super hot as well, so we are all a bit tired of being hot and tired!

Here is a run down of what we have been doing lately in class.

We studied mixtures in science with matter.  We mixed different things together to make our trail mix.  Yum!

Shape sorting.  

Author Study with Kevin Henkes books.  We were looking at feelings this week.  The kids think it's either happy or sad.  Trying to get them to think a little bigger.  

Cause and Effect - if nothing else, this helped me understand how to teach it better.  

We celebrated Patriot Day.

We made patterns with our cereal.  This was the whole lesson.  It went for an hour and the kids loved it!

Painting!  Something new early in the year.  We need to work on this skill! 

Tie dye!  We will be doing tie dye Tuesdays again this year!  

Patterns - making apple patterns.  A good way to kill 45 minutes!  

Ending our unit on matter (thank goodness!).  We made Fizzy Purple Cows.  The kids loved it!  Ice cream when it's 105* outside is never a bad idea!  

We will be starting our 6th week tomorrow.  It's going by too fast.  But, I see some good growth with my kids, so that's nice.  I just wish they had started "growing" on week 2, not 5.  But at least they are moving along.  We are struggling with writing, but again, we are learning a little more each day.  Time for the teacher to figure it out!  

I have made some new units for TpT for math, but they aren't uploading well today.  I will try again tomorrow!  Until then, I need to get some lesson planning done, laundry done (what a shock!) and some rest in.  I could easily fall asleep right now, but fighting the urge, as I don't sleep well at night if I nap during the day!  :(

Happy Sunday!


September already?

Holy cow!  This year is already going by way too fast!  It needs to slow down or there needs to be more hours in the day.  I don't have time to get it all done at school or at home.  It's nuts!

Here's a brief picture-less rundown of the last 2 (or is it 3) weeks.

- My class is pretty stable right now with 22 kids.  I am lucky that we are as low as we are considering other schools are at 26 - 29 kids.  I will gladly take my little class and work with them.  They have come around to my way of thinking and they are a pretty good, well-behaved bunch.  We have our moments, but who doesn't?  I was threatened last week by a student, but a "meeting" with the dad and telling the dad how it's going to be and things are all good now.  I think the child is the really bright one in the family, but no one knows how to help him.

- Overall I have a relatively low bunch of kids.  They are moving, but it's slow going.  I have to change my way of doing things to make it fit their way of learning.  So, it's been a bit of a learning curve for us all.  Who would have thought that after 15 years, it didn't work anymore? Things will be a work in progress for a while, but I guess that means we will all be learning this year!  And that's not even adding in the Common Core standards.  That will be another bundle of fun next year!

- I started teaching my student on Home Hospital.  They won't be at school for a while, so I have to go to their house.  I was nervous at first as to how it would go, but oh my word!  Such a cutie!  And we get so much done in an hour one on one!  I am sharing it with another teacher due to time constraints on my part, and the student told me yesterday that I was their real teacher and the other teacher was their pretend teacher!  Made me all warm and fuzzy!  I will be so happy when the child gets to come to school every day and I know the will be super happy, too!

- While this group of kids don't really care to write, they CAN draw!  It's so nice!  We did a directed drawing 2 weeks ago of the mouse from Who's Mouse Are You? and they turned out so well!  When I get a picture of them, I will post it.  I was in awe of how well they did.  Made me excited to do more art, but we haven't had a lot of time lately.  :(

- We have been learning about matter.  Not a great unit, but the kids have really gotten into it.  We were "scientists" today and went to see how solids change into liquids.  Good thing it's still summer and only 100* so the ice melts in like 30 seconds flat and evaporates in 45 seconds!  We melted chocolate chips and crayons, too!  Oh, and kids start to melt in about a minute and a half!  :)

- We had "training" on Common Core and I know nothing more today than I did on Monday before the training!  All I know is that CA will be behind the times and we will have to use old curriculum to teach new standards!  Sounds like fun!  But it looks like we won't have to teach money anymore!  If that's true, AMEN!  Not my favorite thing to teach to kids!

- Well, after typing this, I feel like it's been pretty boring.  But, doing the home hospital left me no time to work in my room, get things done, etc.  I am hoping to get a little more caught up in the next week and feel somewhat normal again soon!  Thankfully tomorrow is Friday!  I am exhausted and I only will have taught 3 days this week.  But, we are fighting colds here, so I am beat!  Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!