Some things never change

I did it.  I went to school today.  And I didn't like it.  It was icky.  My A/C wasn't working.  I know, what a shock!  If you have read any posts from the last year or so, you know that A/C and I don't do well.  It has never worked like it's supposed to.  No one else seems to have any issues with it, except me.  They are supposed to come look at it tomorrow, but I don't know if I will be there.  I don't want to go and sweat.  I have better things to do with my time...like sit at home in the A/C and watch TV!  :)

I had big plans.  I was going to go and put up all my new border (so cute btw!).  I was going to finish my bulletin boards and be good to go.  But, no!  I did one board and I was a hot sweaty mess.  And I wasn't too happy about it.  So, I packed up and left.  I did get my trash emptied, cause heaven forbid the trash is emptied in the summer.  I took a couple things back to the library that I had been storing in my room that I didn't need or want.  So I did get something done.  I took a bunch of stuff to school, took the things out of the bags and then left them on the table!  I have 3 weeks...why should I panic?  Oh, right...I already am panicking!

It was interesting being at school today.  There were 3 other people there, though I only saw one.  It's one of my grade level people.  She said she's been there almost every day this summer.  Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but I love vacation, too!  This is my down time to prepare for the school year.  I need to be on for 175 days (5 kid furloughs to go with the other 4...we are lucky, aren't we?  Next year may be 15!) and need this time to be mommy and veg for a bit!  This teacher is redoing her room in "Dr. Seuss", but it's all stuff she is making.  She's taken the truffula trees to the extreme.  I can't spend too much time in her room as I makes me feel anxious.  There is A LOT going on in there and it's overwhelming.  I like to have stuff up too, but I also need to keep it to a reasonable level of cover-the-wallness.  Yeah, I made it up.  I have never seen her room when there wasn't a million things up on the wall.  It looks better now than before since she has taken a  lot of the paper down, but she did copy me and decide to put up black butcher paper for the boards.  Either way, it's still a bit too much for me!

I need to get my rear in gear and get some work done.  I started making a mini unit to go with the mouse stories by Robert Kraus.  We will be working with those the first 2 weeks, so I wanted to expand it a bit and really start with some of the nitty gritty skills from the get go.  Once it's done, I will post it for you all FOR FREE!  Or I think so, anyway!  I think I will work on it for a bit and then head to bed.  I am tired and ready for some sleep.  Tomorrow might be a busy day of doing nothing!  I have to get ready for that!  ;)

Happy Monday!  And for those counting like me, I have 20 days left til D-Day!  Yikes!

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