July Currently

Yes, I am a lot little behind the times.  I have never been able to figure out how to do the currently, but having nothing but time on my hands (or what I am calling procrastination!), I have figured it out!  Yay me!  Since this is my first, I am probably not following all the rules, sorry!  Since i have already posted today, Happy Monday, again!  


  1. Hooray for Legos! I wish more of my students would play with legos.
    I agree, summer IS going by too fast - funny how that works.
    Congrats on your first Currently. They are fun!

  2. Congrats on posting your first Currently. I had so much trouble the first time too, I felt really dumb! But you live you learn! Cute blog :)


  3. Welcome to the Currently parties! I'm addicted. And I completely agree on loving that it's at least not in the 100s. Temps have been crazy everywhere!


  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Giraffes Can't Dance! It's one of my favorites too! AND I'm loving the So Cal weather also! :) Annndddd... I am organizing my house this summer too!!! I went to the Dollar Tree and bought a ton of tubs and organizers. I'm your newest follower! :)

  5. I need to find some organizational tools myself! I think summer will fly by before I can do so. Congrats on your first Currently!!

    The Daily Alphabet

  6. Today was my first one too and I wasn't sure how to make it. But like you, I figured it out. I would add one comment to help you. When you drop that picture in, it shows a place where you can make it larger or even xtra large. I made mine extra large and it was much easier to read.
    I hope you stop by my blog and see if any of my freebies are something your kids could use some time.
    Second In Line

  7. Your blog looks great! This is our first Currently too. We found you through Currently. We are your newest follower! We would love for you to come visit us sometime. http://primarypossibilities.blogspot.com/