July? Already?

Yesterday hit me like a ton of bricks!  I can't believe it's July.  I go back to work next month.  NEXT MONTH!  That just screams UGH!  5 weeks of vacation have come and gone and there are 5 left.  In that time, I have about 15 weeks worth of stuff to do for me, my home, my classroom and school in general.  I don't know how I will get the time to get it all done!

I actually set my alarm clock this morning!  I work up at 7am, which is way later than during the school year, but for summer, that is early.  I got up, did some laundry while watching GMA, checked facebook and some blogs, ate breakfast and did another load of laundry, all by 9am.  Wow!  I even made my hubby breakfast.  Ain't I nice?  After a shower, I cleaned my daughter's play room.  That was a task.  She is a paper collector, so we had to go through each piece to see what it was.  In the end, we threw it all away and she can start hoarding when 1st grade starts next month.  I have most of the laundry done, the playroom clean, the living room cleaned and some puzzles gone through to make sure they all have pieces.  Then I decided to play on the computer.  There goes my afternoon!  :)

I did get something done, though.  I have now made the next math journal for topic 9 - patterns.  We do our math topics out of order, so we do 1, 8 and 9 and then jump back to topic 3.  Crazy, I know!  Topic 9 is our short unit, so I have made this one free!  You may pick it up here on my TpT site.  Topics 1 and 8 are there for you as well.  Once I go to school and pick up the other topics, I will make the journals for those as well.

As for now, I should go do something.  I need to look through my Pinterest recipes for tomato soup and put all the tomatoes I have to use.  I figure it's a good, easy dinner, plus it should be relatively healthy and it's meatless for Meatless Monday.  Hubby may not care for it, but he did have a huge burrito for lunch, so it'll all wash out for him!

Happy Monday!  Here's to hoping for a productive week!


  1. July is an awakening--since school starts in early August in Tennessee. We use Envision also. Do you have a list of the way you change the order of topics? Last year was our first year and we would like to change some also. (The solid figures and plane shapes topic went on for--e---ver!

  2. July has seemed to come up fast this year. We haven't been out of school as long as you have (we got out June 8) but I'm teaching summer school so I really feel like I've had zero break at all so far.

  3. My husband wouldn't be too keen on the tomato soup either. One day I decided to make french onion soup, forgetting that he really dislikes onions (after 10 years of marriage I really should remember this, right?). Happy July!