Back to School Shopping

I have been counting down to this day for 2 months, ever since I saw the ad at Lakeshore that their Back to School sale started today.  Mind you, I am not ready to go back to school, but getting what I need helps get me ready.  I thought for sure I would the one over-achieving teacher there today - WRONG!  The store was packed!  There were people everywhere.  And unfortunately, some with their not-so-with-it family members who let their children crawl all over the place and get in the way wherever we went.  Frustrating!

But, I did get most of what I wanted.  I love the new owl theme from TREND.
Unfortunately, my store didn't have all the pieces I wanted, but I mixed and matched with the owls from Carson-Delossa, I think.  

They are both bright and cheery, which will make my room so cute and lively.  I will be redoing all my border on my bulletin boards, as I have the new owl border - LOVE!  It will be added work, but it will make me happier that it's up and will tie it all together.

I also went to Walmart.  They are starting to put out their school supplies.  The prices keep going up, up, UP!  Ridiculous!  I complained about it last year here, and I can see we will have the same complaint again!  Target was crazy in their pricing yesterday when I walked by, and Walmart is where I will probably get most of my stuff, just because of the prices.  I use a lot of spiral bound notebooks and they are only 17 cents at Walmart compared to 30 cents or more at Target.  But, when you need 60 or more, that adds up (to over $10!).  I am hoping Staples starts getting some good sales soon, like their glue sticks.  When they are 4/$1, I buy as many as I can , hubby buys as many as he can each and every day.  And I really like their glue sticks, better than Elmer's.  But, I won't be picky...if someone wants to give me glue sticks, I don't care who they are from, as long as they work!

Well, I slept like crap last night (fell asleep around midnight, woke up at 3, asleep again by 4:30, awake at 5:30 and fell asleep watching the news at 6:30, to wake up at 7:10 listening to Josh Elliott on GMA.  There are worse things to wake up to, but I was not ready to be awake.  My daughter slept til 9:30...I'm jealous, but going to go take a nap...or at least lay in bed and pretend to rest!

Happy Thursday!

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