Something got accomplished!

Hello there!  I am productive today.  Kind of, anyway.  I haven't gotten out of my pj's today, and I don't plan in it til later this evening when I have to take my daughter to Girl Scouts.  I have a decent reason - I am tired.  It has been non stop since Friday and I want a break.

Friday we went to the movies and watched Madagascar 3.  Cute movie.  We then went to the Apple store and got my daughter an iPod Touch for her birthday.  She loves our iPads, but sometimes there is not enough to go around.  So now she has her own toy to learn and play with.

On Saturday, I cleaned house all day.  I deep cleaned the kitchen and living room, which needed it, but now that life has happened since then, it's a mess.  Thanks, hubby and your beef jerky making mess.  :(  On Sunday, we celebrated my daughter's birthday.  A lot of bowling and then coming back home for pizza and cupcakes, which I made on Sunday morning, have taken their toll on me.  Yesterday I took my daughter to Legoland and we stayed there with the crowds all day long until we were red in the cheeks and had tired feet.  I had a headache on top of it all, so I was beat last night.  A little Advil PM and I was out til about 9am this morning!  And I have been in pj's since!  That's the perk with vacations, right?  We can relax in pj's as long as we want and no one has to know!

But, I have been productive a bit today.  I have had this idea to start working on stuff for school, but things have gotten in the way, like me not wanting to think about school.  But, this one in particular has been bugging me.  I woke up Sunday morning at 3:30am thinking about it!  Crazy, right?  So, I sat down today and made my newest mini packet for TpT.  Last year, I started doing math using cereal as the manipulatives. My kids loved it and ate it up, literally!  We used frosted mini wheat cereal to find all the ways to make numbers...kinda like the red/yellow counter things in the math, but a lot more exciting!  I put together a little mini unit for the numbers 5 - 10.   Click on the frosted mini wheat guy to pick up your own copy!  The first 3 people who comment on my blog will get their own copy free!  Please make sure to leave me an e-mail address where I can send it!
I have high hopes to get a few more cereal math units up.  Let me know what you think!  And, with that in mind, I should probably get something else done so I can feel a bit more accomplished!  Happy Tuesday!


  1. I would love to check out your unit. I'm in my pjs too, recovering from surgery. :)
    You were very busy.



  2. Sounds like fun! My kids would love it.


  3. I love staying in my pjs. I would be great to stay in them everyday.


  4. Thank you so much for your comment and I am following you right back (-; I was born in North Hollywood, but I grew up in San Diego. I live in Escondido and went to OG (Orange Glen) High School!! I REALLY miss my Cali!! It is so different here in Arizona, but the HVAC business we own does really well out here.

    I look forward to getting to chat with ya!!

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