Sleep...or Why I like summer vacation!

I don't know about you, but I like my sleep.  It may be the lazy part in me, but I like getting a good night's sleep.  I like waking up refreshed in the morning, ready to tackle the list of things I have planned - or more realistically, do a couple things and then wonder where the day has gone.  That was how the day went yesterday!

I woke up relatively early (6:30...hubby had court) and then managed to get a workout in.  Ate breakfast, read for a bit (I was trying to finally finish a book that I have been working on forever. ), showered, didn't bother to do my hair, then went to do what was on my list of things to do.  I had an order at Lakeshore to pick up, went to school for a bit (like 45 minutes, but got stuff done), ran to the library to sign my daughter up for the dumb reading program this summer (last year was so good...this year not so much.  They want you to go every day to sign that they read.  Um, it's 5 miles from my house and gas is still a bit pricey in So Cal, so we aren't going every day!), came home, ate lunch and then proceeded to fall asleep on the couch.  For 2 hours.  While my daughter played on the iPad.  It was glorious.  We then got up, went in the pool (I finished it yesterday, thank goodness!) had dinner and then I sat for the next hour to finish the darn book.  But it's done!  Yay!

I had big plans yesterday to get some things done.  I wanted to work on stuff for the beginning of the year.  I wanted to make some zucchini cookies.  I wanted needed to finish the laundry that was in the dryer.  Nope.  None of it got done.  There is always today, right?

Let's see how the day will pan out - woke up at 8:15.  Watched GMA in bed til 9.  Got up, changed clothes, went for a walk, came home, had breakfast with my daughter then came on the computer.  Hmmm...not looking promising so far!  Actually, I think I will go shred some zucchini, make something with it, finish that load of laundry and then see where that leaves me.  There is a project at the library that my daughter wants to do, so we will go today, do that (hopefully) and sign the reading slip for the day.  Maybe, just maybe I will have some time tonight to get something done for work.  Lots of ideas in my head, nothing coming out!  ;)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Girl I love to sleep!! I can sleep till 3pm, easy. :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. hey! thanks for visiting my blog!
    I love love LOVE to sleep too! And I can't wait for my summer vacation to start so that I can turn off my alarm clock for 2 months!! yay!

    Miss Elementary