I don't have much to share with you all.  Sorry, but I haven't spent a lot of time on the computer lately, even though there are things I want to make.  I would rather be spending the time doing others things, so I do!  I wanted to post tonight, so here are some thoughts going through my mind.

* I was nominated for Teacher of the Year at my school.  Yep, just nominated.  It was between me and another teacher.  The loud one from my grade level.  Who won it just 3 years ago.  And won it again this year.  I'm not really bitter (a little, maybe), but it makes me wonder.  People talk bad about her sometimes, get frustrated with her and all, and she wins.  Makes me wonder what they say/feel/think about me.  I was bummed on Friday night when I saw the e-mail, but nothing I could do about it.  My principal e-mailed me a nice e-mail, so that made me feel good. 

* I am having my kids write and illustrate their own stories this week.  We are going to toss the curriculum aside for the week and have some fun.  I am sure it will be pure chaos, but I am ready...I think.  We are having a Young Author's Tea in a couple of weeks for the kids who have written their stories.  I want them to have enough time to write them, illustrate them and then time for me to bind them.  I am excited.  I have had students write stories in the past each year, but I have only done the tea twice - once 10 years ago and the school did it and then about 7 years ago and I did it with my own class.  This time will be just the grade level (minus the Ice Queen, who never responded to my e-mails), so it should be fun.  We will be figuring it all out this week...hopefully! 

* I was thinking about this year and what I have done with my kids.  I am proud of all the art we have done.  We started the year with a lot of directed drawings.  Then, we did a lot of cutting and gluing (my kids are fans of magic circles and ovals!) to make our pictures.  Now, we have been doing painting.  Each week, we have made something where we painted the paper and then went from there.  It all started with our birds, then our giraffes, our frogs and this last week butterflies (I have some pictures somewhere...maybe I will take pics of them all, soo!).  We will be doing fish this week and then our turtles next week.  The kids love it, the pieces turn out pretty good and it's another art medium that I rarely used in the past.  Granted, I have a sink now and didn't before, so that is a big help!  We will have one last big project to do with plants, and I am trying to figure out how to do it.  I want to do a mosaic with different seeds, but I can't figure out what to glue them on to so they are strong enough to stand on their own.  Any ideas?  Also, I would have to go buy glue to make it work (we only have glue sticks and there is $0 to buy supplies).  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. 

* We have 7 short weeks of school left.  I think my kids are as ready as they will ever be.  The ones who try really hard are doing so well.  They have all come a long way.  The others who don't try as hard worry me, but what more can I do?  I tutor 4 kids at lunch twice a week (on my own time...there is no money for 1st grade tutoring...we aren't that important) and I don't know if it's helping.  I guess it can't hurt them.  And they aren't super low, but low enough that the second grade teachers will make a huge stink about them.  Which is another thing that worries me!  Ugh!  No wonder I can't sleep in the spring! 

* I hope to get some answers from my dr. on Tuesday.  This whole there-may-be-something-wrong-with-you has been on my mind.  I am worried, scared, nervous that something is wrong.  I am hopeful that whatever it is has a fix and I can get on the road to being normal.  And, I need to get back to being good about my eating.  This last week I let it all go.  We went out to dinner, ate crap food and I had more candy today that I have in the last 6 months combined.  Now I feel like a gluttonous fool.  But damn, that candy was good! 

Well, it's time for me to hit the hay.  5am comes very early when the alarm goes off to tell me to get up and work out.  Not my idea of what I want to do at that time, but it's an OK way to start the day.  Plus, my workout is done and I can get a lot more done in the afternoon...or not!  Here's to another great week of school...and counting down continues!  Happy Sunday!

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  1. I would vote for you for Teacher of the Year :) I think you are amazing -- you are honest enough to be truthful about the obstacles you face but it's so clear that these kids are lucky to have you. How dare ANY of those 2nd grade teachers bitch about those kids...you've busting your ass and that should be enough for them!