Sometimes Mondays suck

Today wasn't that bad, but I woke up not feeling 100%. I had a headache yesterday for most of the day, and today I woke up with a sore throat. I am hoping it is allergies and doesn't turn to strep. Yuck! Today was also COLD! Mind you, it was 100* last Friday and Saturday and today was 60*. Nothing like a 40 degree difference in 2 days. Oh, and to top it off, my favorite shoes BROKE!!! The soles split in half on both pair. I am not a happy camper and have no shoes to keep my feet warm. And there are no stores selling anything other than sandals! Bring on summer! We have 5 weeks left of school...24 days to be exact. And I am starting to stress. I need to get all my DRA testing done, my writing prompts done and my big end of the year math test made and done. All this so we can have some fun. I am wanting to plan ahead, but that would require me to plan...I haven't done my lesson plans for a couple weeks. Oops! Tonight, I have a billion pages to look through. Problem is, I want to read rather than do work. Last month, I read Fifty Shades of Gray ( yeah, the dirty book!), and then I bought the second one, since the first one ended so abruptly. I finally finished it on Saturday and bought the last one. I will be done with them soon and can get back to my real books. I plan on reading a ton in the summer. Well, time to do something! Happy Monday!

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