My brain won't stop!

I have had a hard time sleeping at night. There is so much going on and I can't get it all straight. I am in a "crazy mode" right now. I feel like I am going slightly more crazy than the day before. I don't like it at all. Maybe putting it out will help me catch some zzzz's tonight!

* we have our last benchmark test at the end of the month. But, with state testing for the other grades, we are last priority. We haven't been given our practice tests, and the principal even told me she doesn't care what we do since we don't test. Lovely, huh? She wants us to do well, but we aren't getting lots of support.

* we are going to have a Young Authors Tea for our firsties. It was my idea, but I haven't even had my kids start their stories. I am planning on doing them next week, throwing the Lang. Arts program out the window for the week and making it a writing filled week. One of the other teachers, who jumped on this very quickly, has talked about it every freaking day since we brought it up. Really? I am glad you're excited, but come on!

* I am worried about my kids going to second grade. Nothing we do is good enough for them. My kids are so kind and sweet and work so hard. I worry about how they will do next year. It makes me very sad. I am trying to relish my last days with them.

* I am trying to figure out something fun for my kids to do during testing time. the principal gave us the go ahead to do fun, so I want to do something fun. Guess I need to look on TPT to see what's fun and cheap!

* open house is causing me stress. And it isn't for another 6 weeks! I want to put all my animal stuff up, but I also have old stuff to go up and plant stuff. I am very overwhelmed with it all. And to top it off, the fire marshall is coming back again to check since we didn't pass the inspection, thanks to a whole building of teachers. Thanks a lot!

* on a personal note, I have been doing WW for 8 months and I have been stuck for 3 months. I am more than frustrated, feeling bad about myself, filled with doubt, self pity and all things negative. I finally had a breakdown on Sunday (at WW, mind you), and the leader told me if it was her, she would go to the dr. So, I put on my big girl panties and went (I love my dr...I get in right away!). After telling her my woes, she suspects I may have PCOS. Awesome! So, I get to go get bloodwork done in the morning and get a million and one hings checked out. Then, I will find out on Tuesday what the tests show. Then, if I am lucky, I get to go through an ultrasound to check out the goods and see what's going on there. Sounds like a barrel of laughs, huh? But, I hope there is a reason why things seem all out of whack lately. I don't want anything to be wrong, but if it is, iwant there to be a relatively easy fix. So, I have that on my mind along with everything else.

* Hubby and I get a date night on Friday! My daughter is going camping with her grandparents, so we will have a night alone! Bring on dinner and a movie! We are going to go see American Reunion. We've seen all of them, but we saw the second and third together over the years. While it isn't too cerebral, imcan use a good laugh!

* well, I think it's bedtime. I have to be up and out early to go to the lab, so it's early to rise, early tomleave and early to get to work! I do need ro get up and put sleeping beauty to bed who fell asleep on my lap...it's the perfect way to end the night with my baby on my lap!

Happy Wednesday!

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