Long Week

Wow!  I think this has been one of the longest weeks in a long time.  I am glad it's over, but the weekend is going too fast.  Ugh!

The week went by slower due to the fact that I am sick.  I haven't been sick all year until now.  And it hit me hard.  And I went to work.  Every. Single. Day.  It started on Sunday with a headache.  No biggie, just take meds all day and work through it.  Then on Monday, I woke up with a sore throat.  Worried it was strep, but thankfully it wasn't.  Tuesday had the congested feeling, but still feeling pretty good.  Then it went downhill from there.  Wednesday still felt OK, not great, but not bad,  By Thursday night, I was feeling pretty crappy and yesterday was the worst.  I should have called in sick, but I didn't.  We had a thing going on in the grade level, so I had to be there.  I came home and was in bed by 4pm.  And that's where I stayed til 8am this morning.  I feel a bit better, but now that the day has gone on, I have been out and about and it's getting close to night time, I am tired.  And I didn't do much.  What else is new?

Yesterday we had our first Young Author's Tea.  It was my idea.  We did it years ago at my other school and I remember it fondly.  I did it a few years ago with my D-1 class and remember it going pretty well, too.  I brought it up to the grade level in February or March and it was a go!  The students were challenged to write their own stories, and then they were "published".  All my students made books and all were able to go.  We even had awards!  The librarians chose their "favorites", the principal chose her favorites and then the teachers got to choose their favorites.  We had punch, popcorn, goldfish crackers, pretzels and hershey kisses for the kids/families to eat.  We invited the families to come, but none of the kids mentioned anything, which wasn't a big surprise.  A lot of the parents are working or are busy taking care of the kids at home.  We were underprepared for all that came!  It was amazing!  I had 14 kids who had someone show up for them.  14 out of 22.  The others said they had only 4 or 5, but I think they had to have had more.  We didn't have enough cups for everyone!  I felt bad (and I was sick and I was also very tired of listening to the loud mouth tell parents that we weren't prepared and how bad she felt that the lead teacher didn't think ahead enough...yeah, that would be me, but remember, she is Teacher of the Year!...yeah, still not over that!) that we weren't over prepared, but we know for next year.  Who would have thought that we would have had that many parents come?  Not me!  I am glad that so many came to be with their kids!  It was a great 45 minutes for all involved! And now, I am glad it's over.

We have 4 weeks left.  That's it.  3 more weeks left of teaching and then a week of having some fun and doing some different things that may not be in the standards, but are just as educational and a little off the beaten path.  I can't wait.  And in the next 20 days, I am out for 3 1/2 of them.  Great.  This week I will miss Friday because we are going camping.  Not a great excuse, but I do it every year.  The week after I have a 1/2 day training to learn how to teach reading.  Then the next week, I get to miss Career Day to go to a Benchmark meeting.  Yippee.  Then the next week (and last week!) I am taking the day off for my daughter's Kinder promotion.  You only leave Kinder once, and I'm not missing it!  I think I may take her to Legoland afterwards and enjoy the day.  The next day is my last day of school, and I certainly don't want to miss being with my kiddos then.

Well, I am tired, getting hungry and hear the couch calling my name!  Have a great rest of the weekend!

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