Halfway through

Wow!  We are already half way through the week!  Amen!  I am ready for the weekend and it feels like the week just started!  I am tired as all get out, though.  Maybe early to bed tonight...we'll see what's on TV! 

My kids are doing very well on their stories.  I have a lot that are "done" and are working on illustrations.  I want them done tomorrow so we can get back to some book learning, rather than me hoping they are working when I am helping the other kids with their stories.  Something interesting I have noted - my higher kids are having a hard time writing good stories, while some of my struggling kids are writing some really good, interesting stories.  I find that odd.  What's up with all that?  Ideas?

I had my follow up yesterday with the doctor.  Good news...I am normal!  Well, all except my thyroid is underactive, which is why I can't lose weight.  So, a little pill each day (for the rest of my life) and I should be good to go again!  Now to get serious again about getting in better shape.  Physically anyway...my blood work was awesome!  My numbers are that of a skinny girl, though my jean size not so much!  :)  Give and take I guess!

It was rainy this morning and chilly today.  I love spring, but I want my spring to be 85*!  We need the rain so I will take it so my flowers and veggies can grow!  Time to get back to eating healthy and hopefully NOT having to go to the grocery store each week! 

I am beat, have a ton of laundry waiting for me and am ready to crash.  Happy Wednesday!


  1. Hi Kristen - I'm laughing right now because we are SOOO California girls. I blogged about the rainy weather today too. LOL We are spoiled usually with the warm days I guess. :o)
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