Where has the year gone and a FREEBIE!

Man, oh man!  I can't believe the year has gone by so quickly.  We have 11 weeks of teaching left before it's summer vacation!  Where did the time go?  This is normally the time of year I begin to panic.  I don't feel that my kids are ready to go to second grade and goodness knows the second grade teachers don't think the kids are ready, either.  But, overall, I have a really good group of kids who are pretty solid in their academics.  I have about 7 that I am worried about, and 2 of them are either going to be tested or retained.  So, the leaves 5.  4 of them are English Learners and one is majorly ADHD with a mother who is equally ADHD.  Of my EL's, one will be tested next year (he's been retained and making progress, but he still has a long way to go), one is immature with a mom who makes excuses for him and the others are working as hard as they can.  Actually, the really immature one holds his own with reading... it's the actual work that gets him and he is too busy playing around at his desk. 

Anyway, I am thinking of all the things I still need to do, but there is no time to do it.  I would love to throw the curriculum out the window and have a little (OK, a lot!) fun while still learning all that we need to do.  But, it's also the time of year where the principal is freaked out about test scores and everyone must be doing what they are supposed to be doing.  Makes me mad...

This week, we are reading If You Give a Pig a Pancake in our reading program.  You can get my mini unit for it here.  I made it up last year and it's been quite popular.  We will also spend the week listening to the others stories and writing them as the week goes on.  In my perfect mind, we would write a page a day per story, make cute pictures and put them together in a little book.  In reality, we will see.  Maybe next week I will have something to show for it.  I plan on Friday making a cute little cupcake picture to go with the story about cat and the cupcake.  Again,we'll see how it goes. 

Last week in our program, we were practicing compound words.  My kids are pretty good with knowing what words are compound words and which aren't.  I made this fun little center activity to use this week as a review and something fun to introduce St. Patrick's Day.  I will be laminating it later tonight and then cutting it apart for the pocket chart tomorrow.  My kids love things like this and think it's a game rather than learning!  If you download this, please leave me a comment! 

I am very sad to be sitting here in front of my computer today working.  It's in the 80's today and sunny.  By Tuesday, it will be 25 degrees colder and rainy.  We had snow on Monday night and then it was windy the rest of the week.  But thw weekend...glorious! I love pre-spring!  

Have a great week!  Like always, if I have time, I will post this week, but if not, I will see you again next weekend! 


  1. Hi there! I downloaded your St. Patty's day compound word activity. Love the colors and design! Thanks for sharing! Visit me over at freefallinintofirst.blogspot.com . I just put up a "I am Lucky to Know You" freebie. Hope you enjoy!

  2. Hi Kristen!

    Blogger has been acting weird with my followers...I am not sure if you are following me anymore. =(

    I feel horrible about even saying anything but I know I have had to re-follow some other blogs again...and started to worry that someone might think I un-followed them.

    I hope you are enjoying your Spring Break! =)

    Heather's Heart