Wednesday already!

This week has been a good week, but I am beat!  Between wacky weather (80 on Monday, 57 yesterday with horrible wind and even worse wind today!) and the kids being a little off, it's been a long week already.  I think I will wear them out tomorrow, though, with all the projects we have going on. 

I found the cutest project on Pinterest the other night - birds and bird houses.  We were talking about birds last week in science and are writing about them this week.  So today, I decided to start the little project I was thinking about.  Of course, no camera, but I will take it tomorrow for sure!  We will be making little birds and birdhouses or nests to go with them.  I haven't decided which one.  But, if you have the time to spend looking at fantastic art, check out http://paintedpaperintheartroom.blogspot.com/.  I saw so many cute things there.  I am jealous that many of you have art and other specials.  My kids have only me...lucky them! 

We are also going to be making the cutest pig that I found on a blog somewhere.  I feel horrible since I don't know where I got it from.  When I find out, I will pass it on.  We're reading If You Give a Pig a Pancake.  My kids think it's hilarious.  I've been reading the other books in the series and they just laugh and try to guess what's next.  Tomorrow we will read about the dog and donuts and then cat and cupcakes on Friday.  Fun times! 

One of the other first grade classes is going on a field trip.  She was lucky and somehow was snuck in to the bus to be able to go with the 4th and 5th graders.  The whole first grade wanted to go, but only she's going - they are going to watch a play that her son is in.  I guess we weren't special enough to go.  Oh well, I will do art instead!  My kids are bummed we don't get a field trip, but there is no money and no parents have ever worked in my room this year, and I don't like having parents who only want to go on the trips, but not be bothered to work at all the rest of the year.  Is that mean of me?  I wish they would work with their kids every day, just not one day. 

Well, it's time for me to go eat dinner!  Yummy Split Pea Soup on this chilly night.  It was my idea, but hubby had to make it (throw it in the crock pot and turn it on!).  And I am so thankful it's ready to go!  Happy Wednesday!

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