So tired!

Oh my word! I am exhausted today. What a busy, busy day! But we had a fun day, so it's all worth it. I will have pics tomorrow for you, mostly because I am too lazy to get off the couch and turn on my computer, download pics and all that stuff!

Today we made our pigs to go with If You Give a Pig a Pancake. They are all the same more or less, but some still look a bit different than others! Theynhad to chooses something to give the pig (not from the story) and then write about what the pig would want to go with it. Imwas going to do something with the cat and cupcake story, but I changed my mind. I am project-out today. And, by the time we take our spelling test and story test tomorrow, the morning will be about gone. If we have time, we will work on our giraffes for a directed drawing. If you haven't read the story Giraffes Can't Dance, run and check it out! Love it!

We also made our birds today. SO CUTE!!!!! My new favorite project. Yesterday, we sponge painted a 12x18 sheet of white paper. I gave them 8 colors and told them to cover it all. Of course, most of them didn't, but it was still pretty cute. Today, we made the parts for the bird, drawing them out on the back, unpainted side. We then out the parts together and added a wiggly eye. Then, since I wasn't crazy yet, we made a little birdhouse. I cut. Piece of paper, made a pattern, then traced the roofline for them kids to cut. They used their painted paper to make the rook and the bottom of the birdhouse. Then we glued thembird onto the birdhouse. I gave them to the office to put up on the wall for spring. If I remember, I will take pics tomorrow, once they are up. I forgot before they went up there. Oops!

I am very glad tomorrow is Friday. Tired this week and a bit frustrated. But, it's nothing that isn't new, just wishing people would SHUT UP and learn that they aren't the center of attention. But, it's been like this for 4 years, so why would it change? I guess it's just that time of year where I am tired of the crap that's been going on all year and am ready for a break. But, we have 2 more weeks til spring break and then 8 weeks after that. Just 10 more weeks til I get to spend the summer with my baby (who will be 6!). But for now, hubby and baby are on a daddy-daughter date and I am home in the peace and quiet...I should do this more often! Happy almost Friday!

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  1. Hi Kristen - my Cali buddy! This past week was exhausting for me too...I felt like it went on forever. At least it's the weekend...come on over and see me I'm having a giveaway.
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