Monday, Monday....

Today was a Monday, but it wasn't all that horrible!  I figured the kids would be nutty since we had rain/hail/graupel over the weekend.  And it was a bit chilly today for our normal So Cal weather!  I am officially on countdown to spring break (4 more days!) and to the end of the year (44 more days...I can do this!).

I had an IEP today for one of my little guys.  He qualified for Special Ed, which isn't a big surprise to me.  I am just upset that it took this long, seeing as how he was retained in Kindergarten.  He will be going to RSP this year, with possible placement in SDC for next year.  And he will get speech for real, which is way better than what he has now.  I just feel bad that he has sat in my room all year and hasn't gotten a lot out of it.  But, at least he will get some help! 

My kids decided to be a little freaky for the sub!  One kid decided to argue with her about something and then burst into tears, screaming while he sobbed.  Seriously?  I happen to have an SST for this kid tomorrow, and I am not going to hold anything back.  It isn't like I haven't talked to the parent this year.  I have a feeling she is going to want to blame me for her son's behavior, while I blame genetics and parenting.  Not looking forward to this meeting tomorrow. 

But tomorrow is the first official day of spring!  I love spring.  I can't wait for warm weather, flip flops and capris.  Some of you are enjoying warm weather like that - we are still chilly thanks to Mother Nature and her late winter storm.  But the rain is good for my trees and I am hoping for a lot of yummy summer fruits! 

I didn't get anything accomplished last night and I doubt I will get anything done tonight.  I am so ready for a vacation, even if it is just 5 days of no work.  But 5 days away from some of the ones I work with is just what the doctor has ordered for my sanity (the dr. being myself!!!!).  Happy Monday!  Here's to a great rest of the week!

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