6 hours and counting

In a little over 6 school hours, I will be on spring break! I can't wait! I am ready for a nice break away from school. I love my kids, but I need to recharge my batteries to makemit through the end of the year. I have a billion things to do between now and the end of the year. A lot of fun coming up!

I have changed the way I am doing my animal unit. We cover the animal family for one week, then we spend the next week writing about it and doing art. I have decided to do a painted paper project for each animal. We did the birds a couple weeks ago. Last week we did giraffes, which weren't as cute as I thought, but still cute! This week, we did our frogs. Too cute! I will hopefully have pics tomorrow!

I've got a giant mess in my room that needs a lot of attention. I've never fully recovered from moving into my room last summer. I think tomorrow, if we get everything done, my kids will get to watch a movie, something they rarely get to do! then I can get ready for the weeks after break! My kids have worked hard and deserve a little brain break!

Happy Thursday! Here's to a great day before spring break!

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