Wow...two posts in one week and some freebies!

Wow!  Having a day off gets me working!  And blogging!  I have been semi-productive so far today, and it isn't even noon!  I woke up at my normal time of 5:30, rolled over, went back to sleep just to be woken up by the cats.  Fed them, crawled back in bed, got comfy just to be woken up by the dog.  Let him out, went back to bed just to be woken up by my daughter.  But it was almost 8 then, so it was OK for me to be up!  I got my Josh fix on GMA, ate breakfast (not in bed) and then went for a walk.  Then I came home and started working on school stuff.  I have a ton to do (self imposed, really) and I don't mind sitting down to do it today!

Last year, I started making mini packets to go with the stories for the week.  I had wanted to do them this year for the whole program, but I never got around to it, my class wasn't ready for it and paper was in short supply.  But, I figured it's time they get ready for second grade.  Our second grade anyway gives the kids a ton of work to do each day.  I am amazed at how many kids are working outside at recess.  And I don't know if it's totally valuable.  But, I figure this will help my kids become a bit more independant, though mine already are, thankyouverymuch!  Anyway, I created this little mini packet for our story, That Toad is Mine.  It covers spelling, sight words and some of the story activities for the week.  You can get it here for free!  Enjoy, just please let me know you got it and what ya think! 

This week, we will start our author study on Dr. Seuss.  The stories are super long, but the kids like them and that's all that matters, right?  I was thinking that during my RTI time (I have the high group of EO's) we would focus on Cat in the Hat.  It isnt my favorite story in the world, but I am going to try to make it more exciting!  I created 3 activities to do with the kids this week, but of course they are all on seperate files, so there are 3 downloads.  Sorry for that, but my brain and my computer are not on the same wavelength today!  I hope you can use these with your kids in the next couple weeks!  Enjoy!

1. Here is an -at family quickie activity - the students will write as many -at words as they can think of in a given time.  This should be easy since we are way beyond the -at family!

2. Here is a writing activity about the Cat in the Hat.  Students will write about what they would do if the cat came in their house. 

3. This is a writing activity from the perspective of the fish.  I hope the kids "get it" and have fun with it! 

On Friday, we will decorate our own paper cat in the hat hats.  I have done this many times on Dr. Seuss/literacy night and the kids love it.  It's so simple that it's ridiculous...trace a quick outline of the hat, and you are done!  Kids cut it out, color it how they want, and they go home/go back to class! 

We are having our literacy night on March 1.  I am going to read part of The Lorax and then the kids will get to plant a little seed of something to take home.  Too cute, right?  I hope I don't have 100 people at my door waiting to do this!  I might do it with my homeroom the next day, just for fun! 

As for the rest of today, I need to organize my school stuff.  I brought home a mess and want to go back without a mess!  I have big ideas, but they just stay in my head.  I would love to be uber-organized, but it isn't happening any time soon.  Maybe this summer I can have the time to organize the way I want to be or think I can be in my head!  I am condensing my yearly folder and lesson plan folder into one bigger notebook so it's all at my fingertips.  We'll see how it works! 

Happy Monday, everyone!  I have seen a lot of people that had to work today.  That seems so wrong that it's a ntional holiday and people are at work.  And for those who had last week off or this week off, I am sad and crying right now!  5 weeks til spring break...I can't wait!  My daughter was off last week and it was a big bummer.  And her spring break is the week after mine, go figure!  I can't wait for summer when we get to have the time together and get to do some fun things for a change, other than the daily grind of work/school, work/school!  Happy Monday!


  1. Thanks for the That Toad is Mine freebie. I'm looking forward to Dr. Seuss too.
     Chrissy

    First Grade Found Me

  2. This is PERFECT! My principal just asked me to make a writing center for our Family Reading Night next week (even though I'm in charge of the whole thing) so I'm totally going to use your Dr. Seuss worksheets! Thanks for saving me time :o)
    p.s. I'm also going to use The Toad is Mine this week as well !!!

  3. <3 the freebies! Thanks so much! I follow you, visit me over at freefallininto first. :)