I love the weekend

Well, most weekends.  I have to work on report cards this weekend and I am doing everything in my power to avoid them.  Today, I did this:
We went hiking this morning at the Santa Rosa Plateau.  I was worried it would be cold (it was foggy and windy and crappy when we woke up), but it was a glorious morning!  We then went and added calories to our bellies with a fab Mexican lunch!  My new fave...veggie enchiladas.  I have had them the last 2 weekends at different places and they were both good!  We then went shopping for veggie plants to add to hubby's greenhouse.  Then I came home, put groceries away and then went to work on report cards and cleaning and laundry and instead, I updated my facebook, played on the computer and cleaned off my desk.  Now I am going into the spa to relax and prepare to fall asleep early!  Maybe tomorrow after WW, shopping and a lovely massage (thanks to hubby for a V'day gift of a 3 month membership!!!!!), I will be able to work on report cards, plans for the week and get all my Dr. Seuss stuff ready to go.  Or not!  Happy Saturday! 

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  1. Hey there, OK so we need to meet for lunch.. I live right in Temecula and have gone to the Santa Rosa Plateau on a field trip before. It's so pretty there...where are you at offically? Have a great rest of your week. :o)
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