I have wanted to post over the last few days, but life has gotten in the way. We celebrated the 100th day and I have pictures, but not on my iPad. We celebrated groundhog day and made a cute groundhog picture. Again, I have pics, just not available.

Life manages to find a way to hit you again and again. But, it will eventually calm down. And hopefully everyone will get better and stay well for a long time! I'm hoping March will be a good month! Here's to hoping!

On the bright side, I got a new to me car (truck). We bought a new to us trailer for camping, so it was time to get a new truck. We had a truck, plus 2 cars. So, we will sell my car and our truck and now I get to drive the new truck! It's so big and beefy, yet it looks so nice! Now to get it trailer ready so we can go camping before the summer!

Until then, I will plug along, working to next weekend. A 4 day weekend!!!!! We have big plans to go to the fair and date festival (out in the desert) and then stay home. Before that, we will try to survive valentines day and all the fun that goes with that. Until next time!


  1. Do you make your posts from your Ipad (I see you mentioned it). If so, do you use an app or just the web browser?

    Thanks, Trish


  2. Congrats for having your new car, Kristen! Camping the next summer would be a great idea! And your truck would be a great vehicle for that event. Selling a new car to buy a new one is a brilliant strategy. Even though the process can be so daunting, if you can sell your car at the right price, then you effort will have paid off.