A wasted day...or not

Today has been a slightly wasted day, slightly loved day. I am still fighting this cold/allergy/make me unable to breathe and give me a headache thing. It doesn't want to go away. Grrrr. At least I am home and not working. But today was the laziest day by far. I took my daughter to school and drove to my school, hoping it would be open. But, it's not. I don't know how the custodians bet in all their days when they take more time off than we do. I came home and haven't done much since.

I did get a bunch of things laminated and cut for the next couple of weeks. That was a chore in itself. But I got it done, put into bags and they're all ready to go for Monday. Now I just need to plan for the next few weeks. Or at least Monday. I haven't wrapped my mind around the fact that we have to go to work. I have enjoyed being home. But, all good things must come to an end.

I have watched a lot of TV today. I watched Tori and Dean, the Biggest Loser and Parenthood. I also watched a couple episodes of Big Bang Theory and now have it on Dr. Oz. The guy he is talking to seems like a nut. I should watch something else. Or go for a walk. I took a short nap, too. My hubby's work phone I coming here today, so I am playing secretary girl. I was woken ip from the loveliest nap earlier and that was the end of it. Guess tonight will be an early to bed night.

I guess I should go outside and enjoy the sunshine. It's only 85* today. I am laying in bed with a blanket, but it's comfy cozy. I should go walk, decide what's for dinner and get my daughter off the TV. She has been alternating between the TV and building Legos. She's a very good girl when I am not feeling well. But, we do need to do something, so...Happy Wednesday!

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