This is why I work...and a freebie

My daughter is at school right now.  I don't like being home when she is at school.  It seems wrong.  I will be going to get her in a few minutes and then we are off to the airport to pick up our neighbor.  It's too quiet when she is at school...I should be getting a lot done, but I am not.  Hubby and I went out to breakfast today (McD's oatmeal is yummy!), ran to Dollar Tree and then Staples.  Exciting times, huh? 

When we go back to work next week, we will jump into the world of long vowels.  A lot of my kids know how to read long vowel words, but they don't know why they are long vowel.  We will cover that on Monday.  I hope.  I made a quick little word sort that my kids will be able to do next week in their centers.  I already know there will be about 8 kids who will do it.  The rest will play with it and then be done.  They don't like the writing of things down part.  Oh well.  If you would like the word sort, you may get it here for free!  Yeah, I have decided to give up on my TpT for now and just give it away.  I figure I'm doing it anyway, might as well share! 

I went through all the stuff I brought home, took it out of my bags and put it into a pile.  I tried to write out a sketch of the month, but something's gonna have to give.  There is too much fun I want to do (it's still learning, but not the big bad standards) and not enough time to do it all in.  I still need to figure that all out.  But for now, I will be off to the airport.  It's about a 40 minute drive there are back.  I hope lunch is in the plans for us!  Happy Tuesday!

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