A quickie for the night

Today was a great day!  My kids were awesome, they loved the lesson activity we did, and it all seemed to fall into place.  And they were even good all morning, despite the fact that my heater wasn't working and it was 55 degrees in the room until 10:30 ( even then it was only 62).  It was a great day! 

We did the contraction activity that I found at The First Grade Parade.  My kids loved doing surgery on the words to make the contractions!  I don't have any pictures, since I was too busy having fun to take pictures.  But, if you do this, go to Dollar Tree for the bandaids.  They are brightly colored and cheap! 
I don't know how I will top that tomorrow...maybe something fun with penguins. 

I am off to go watch Wheel of Fortune with my daughter.  She's having a Monday kinda night, so time to snuggle on the couch and guess letters!  Happy Tuesday!

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