Made it!

I made it through my first Monday back to work!  I am tired, but it's more from lack of sleep than school.  It's been a busy few days wrapping up vacation and it's catching up to me. 

On Saturday, we went to the OC Marketplace (swap meet) to walk around and get some fruits and veggies.  We ended up getting the fruit and veggies, some greek yummies, some bread and some books.  Oh, and we also ended up buying a new spa.  We had one, but we didn't love it.  When we bought it, it was "new technology" where the water was heated by convection.  It got warm, but nothing that we could sit in during the cooler months.  This new one is a *real* spa - it has a real heater and real jets and lights!  It was delivered last night...er, this morning really.  They were supposed to be here between 6p-9p last night, then they called and said it would be after 9:30.  They got here a little after 11:30 (as I was woken up by my dog barking) and they left at 12:30 or so.  Hubby waited for them, not I!  Poor hubby had to work all day yesterday to get it wired and then spent today finishing the wiring.  He got it all done in time to go to some appointments tonight.  He'll get to enjoy it tomorrow night! 

Yesterday was crazy!  I went to my WW meeting in the morning.  Last week sucked so bad, so I was determined to be *good* this last week.  It paid off with -5.4 pounds!  I then had to go to Sam's Club to get food for lunch, came home and cleaned out the fridge and then finally got to lesson planning.  I didn't do great plans, as I didn't have it in me to write out big, wonderful plans.  My daughter came home from Disneyland and was wired for the night.  It took forever to calm her down, but once she did, she was a goner! 

I forget how dark it is in the morning.  When I get up, there is no hint of sun.  Made me sad, really.  I am a sun person, not a night person.  But, I was up and ready to go.  Too bad my entire class didn't bother to be up and ready.  I was missing 5 kids today!  OK, 3 really, since 2 went home by 9:30.  One looked like crap and said she was going to throw up (she was sick on Saturday with the stomach bug...it ain't gone!) and the other one said she had to go throw up in the bathroom.  The nurse said she had a cough, so maybe she was spitting up phlem.  I don't know, but they were gone, so that left me with 18.  That seemed like so few kids!  A couple years ago we only had 20, so 18 was nothing, but today it seemed like I was missing a bunch of kids.  I hope they are back tomorrow - the high schools and middle schools were off today, so I am hoping they just hung out at home with siblings.  Or didn't bother to pay attention to the 27 phone calls to let us know that school started today! 

At least it's better than a few years ago.  6 or 7 years ago, in CA, they had May Day or something.  Hispanic parents were encouraged to keep their children home, not go to work, the whole shebang.  I think on that day, I had 5 kids in class, if that many.  It was a wasted day as you couldn't teach much without having to reteach it the next day.  I remember the Governor said the schools would get their ADA for that day, even though hardly anyone showed up. 

I'd better go and get something done before laziness overwelms me!  I can see that happening quickly tonight!  Happy Monday!

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