It's Monday...and a freebie!

Today is my last Monday on vacation.  I am going to enjoy the week I have ahead of me.  I plan to clean up a lot of crap I have collected and plan for the next couple weeks of school.  They will be a busy few weeks.  I don't know how I will get it all in and I haven't even opened up the plan book to try.  Too scared! 

I enjoyed my morning being lazy watching the Rose Parade.  I love doing that to start the year.  I like the floats and the bands.  The horses, not so much, but they seem to always pay closer attention to them.  I planned to watch it on ABC (so I could listen to Josh Elliott from GMA), but they had commercials.  WTH?  Commercials during a live parade?  Ridiculous.  So, I watched it on our local channel that didn't do commercials.  Don't really love the commentators, but they were OK this year.  Anyway, I finally got up, took a shower and put on lazy clothes.  That's as far as I have made it today.  I am so sorry for those of you that had to go to work today...it seems criminal. 

I did get one thing done today!  I made a problem solving mini unit.  I found the cutest graphics at Scrappin' Doodles and just had to make something to go with it.  Too cute.  I almost (not really!) wish I was back at work to use them.  Next week will be here soon enough!  ;)  I was going to upload it to TpT, but it wouldn't work.  I think it was a sign telling me to share.  Many bloggers have been so generous and sharing their fabulousness.  I will share my mediocrity with you all, too!  I want my kids to get their brains thinking again, so I made this one a little simpler than normal.  I know they will have vacation brain when we get back, but they have to do work, too!  You can click here to download my little problem solving unit.  If you do download, please leave me a little note that you did and tell me what you think! 

I am going to try to make some problem solving units to last me through the end of January, but right now it's just a thought.  I need to make some lunch for my daughter and I and then tackle some of the mess.  Or go sit outside where it is a toasty 83*.  I'm not a fan of winter heat, but it beats the snow any day!  We will be cooling off to the 70's and 60's soon, and I figure it will rain when we have to go back to work.  But for now, I will enjoy sitting on the couch with the windows open in January!  Happy Monday to you all!  If you went back today, I hope your day was fantastic!  If you are still on vacation, continue to enjoy! 

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