I am in denial about going to work next week.  I haven't done anything really to get ready.  I have stuff lmainated and cut out and ready, but that's it.  As for actual teaching plans?  Eh.  I know what I will be doing on Sunday, though.

I was sitting outside getting sunburned today making bird feeder things with my daughter and I was thinking about what I want to do on Monday with my kids.  I would really like to spend some time in the morning talking about goals for the new year, picking some goals and writing about them, but then I think of the language arts time for phonics and reading that would be gone.  Dilemna time....If only we didn't have our focus group/RTI time in the middle of prime learning, I could get a lot more done and have a lot more leeway with my schedule.  Grrrrr!

Tomorrow is the last day of vacation.  I don't count the weekends cause I have them off anyway.  Saturday we are going to spend the morning at the OC Marketplace (fancy word for swap meet) and then maybe head to IKEA or to the beach to watch the waves.  Who knows!  It's supposed to be chilly that day, like 66 or something!  It was 87 here today...but we really do need the rain and snow.  The weather guy said in maybe 15 days it will change.  Hubby laughed and said he could guess the same things, too! 

Well, I have nothing exciting.  Happy Thursday!  

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