Day 1

I am not very creative today in terms of coming up with a catchy title.  I have been doing laundry, cleaning and just gone done working out.  Yep, 1 day down, a lot more to go!  Actually, it was just the next day in the workout cycle, so I kinda  had to do it.  And a crappy weigh in today is much more motivation!  It wasn't what I was wanting, but it never is, really.

We managed to stay up til midnight last night.  We watched the lsat 3 minutes in NY before the ball dropped.  Kinda anti-climatic, really.  Then I went to sleep.  I had to be up early to hear that I had gained weight.  Yeah, sucky start to the year.  We stayed up and watched movies last night.  We watched Our Idiot Brother and Horrible Bosses.  Eh, not the greatest, but they did kill time.  That and playing Fishdom in my iPad helped the time go quickly.  Fishdom is kind of a dumb game, but it's so addicting!  My hubby and I try to play it together.  I had to laugh when he told me he just figured out the object of the game after playing it for a while.  Too funny!

Fortunately for me, we have another week off.  Most of the district around us are off for another week, but some do go back on Tuesday.  My daughter, who is at a charter school, goes back on Tuesday.  I am sad that she will be at school and I will be home.  I want to be able to be with her.  Luckily she is out at 11:30, so it's OK.  It does suck that I have to get up and be presentable at 7:30 to take her to work.  That's not so good.  Good-bye pajama days, hello having to get dressed.  :(  I am hoping I can make time for myself while she is gone and get some stuff done for my kids as well as get some things organized.  I have a ton of crap at home for school that I need to go through, but it just gets piled up higher and higher.  My goal this week is to get it done, figure out what I need to take to school and then start taking in a bag of stuff each day once we go back.  I also have a goal to get my room organized, but that will be a work in progress.  I want to move things all around.  I never liked it as it is, but I ran out of time before school started.  I think if I just move a couple of things, I will like it better and it will be more functional.  We'll see how it goes. 

Well, time for folding more laundry.  I am starting the new year off with a cold, so that's a big bummer.  I haven't really been sick much this school year (knock on wood), but to get one now is a bad sign.  I hope it's from our wacky weather (80's degrees in the middle of winter!!!!) and not the beginning of something that won't go away.  Lots of water and vitamin C...hope it goes away!  Happy New Year to all my bloggy friends! 

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