Currently and what a week!

Hey, what do you know?  I finally got around to posting my Currently before the month was half over!  Normally I see it, want to do it and then can't figure it out.  Yay me for getting it done today!  It's pretty self explanatory.  The last one is hard because we have a family whose kids go to the school and the mom works at the school.  They have $0 to their name and won't take help from anyone.  So I have to work some magic and see what I can do!
We had another craptastic week at work.  I am so glad that my kids are good, because the adults are about to kill me!  I wish people could get along, get over things and move on.  If you are going to talk the talk, then walk the walk.  Let's get working on stuff that actually matters and stop dwelling on things that don't make a bit of difference to anyone else. 
We had Friday as a teacher work day.  It was scheduled as a furlough day, but since we are getting those back, we had to be at work sans kids.  It was nice and I got a lot done.  I even left early to go pick my daughter up from school!  That made it even better!  :) 
Last week was an odd week.   I had hoped to get a lot done, but for whatever reason, it didn't happen.  I never took my camera to school, but there wasn't anything picture worthy, anyway.  Hopefully I will get into it this week and we can have a little fun, along with a lot of learning!  And, it's going to be a 4 day week for me as me and my family will take a day off to go to Disneyland!  I love going this time of year and seeing all the Christmas things.  So happy! 
Well, I have some work to do and my new goal (sort of self imposed, sort of mandated by others) is to get things done and stop being so worried about things all the time.  I need a lot of work on that, so I am going to take baby steps to get there.  We'll see how that goes.  It will be my New Year's Resolution early! 
Happy Sunday and here's to a great week!


Seriously sad

What a meeting! We had our first meeting of the last 3 months as a grade level without district administration being present. That was a ridiculous mess as it was. And today, when we were able to be adults and have a meeting, we still have one who can't and won't join in as a team member. It's sad. I want to be mad, but I feel sad that the teacher can not move on from something that happened 5 years ago. It's really sad to me. I understand that it's hard to get over things, but to hold on to something for 5 years that did not physically harm you, your family or have a major impact on your life; why would you do that to yourself? I have a lot that has pissed me off, and if we talk about it, I get upset, but I don't let it control my day to day functioning. But, there are 16 more days of school till vacation. The 20th can't come soon enough! We have to work on the 21st, which is the latest I have ever worked into December. Yuck! But, we won't go back til the 13th of January, so that makes it sound delightful! Happy Tuesday!


New products and a sale!!!!

Oops!  I forgot to put this at the end of my last post.  I have posted 2 new items in my TpT store!  I did get some things done this week!  :) 

I have put in my first attempt at Literacy Centers/Activities.  There are 4 centers - scrambled sentences, ABC order, nouns/verbs/adjectives sort and letter/word/sentence sort.  Print, laminate, cut and use!  So easy!  Click on the cute bear to go check it out...and it's on sale! 

Also, I have uploaded the math journals for enVision Math Topic 2.  We go out of order, so others are way ahead!  I have journals now for Topics 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9.  All of them are on sale as well!  Stock up for next year!  My kids really enjoy math journals and it's a good snapshot to see who gets it and who needs more help.  Click on the bear paws below to check it out! 

 Now I am off to finish planning for the week.  It's a short week, as we have Friday off for a teacher work day.  It was a furlough day, but some magic money (that we won't see til June) have saved us, so we have to work instead of having the day off!  Oh well...I can get a lot done that day with no kids there!  Happy Sunday!

A week off is not enough!

Whew!  That was a fast week of vacation!  I enjoyed it, but I am still wanting more!  The thought of having to go back to work tomorrow is making me feel icky!  With all the stuff that has been going on, I am not excited to go back and deal with adults.  I love my kids, so that makes it OK.  But the adults?  I could do without them.  They are just making my life icky. 

We spent last weekend in Arizona.  It was a quick trip, that's for sure.  Friday after school we drove to Las Vegas for the night.  We didn't get there til late, but we still made time for drinks and some gambling.  We gave them our money, but it was still fun!  On Saturday, we got up and drove to Flagstaff, AZ.  I wanted to show my daughter where I went to school.  We went to the bookstore, bought some goodies and then walked around a bit.  I wanted to do more walking, but hubby was hungry, so we had to get him some food.  We then went to the football game.  We lost, but it was still fun to go to.  We were trying to go to the volleyball game, but the traffic was a nightmare, so we ended up going to Walmart!  On Sunday, we went to Bearizona in Williams.  That was the real reason we went to AZ.  And it was so worth it!  This place is awesome.  You get to drive through the park and see animals - sheep, bison, wolves and bears!  It was great.  I can't wait to go back. 

We then drove down thru Prescott on our way to Phoenix.  On Monday morning, we went to the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix.  It was nice and warm, which was bad since I had packed only for Flagstaff and 50 degrees max!  But we lived!  My daughter and I spent a long time in the butterfly pavilion there.  Loved it! 

We came home Monday night as hubby had to work on Tuesday and my daughter was having a feast at school.  I went and helped out in her room, which was nice.  The rest of the week has gone by at Mach 4!  On Wednesday, we went to court with hubby and then walked around downtown for a bit to see the Mission Inn all Christmased out and then we found a Festival of Trees that  had free activities for the kids!  Once we were done there, we had to come home.  Hubby had work and I went out with some friends from work.  Thursday was Thanksgiving and Friday we went shopping.  We actually went at about 10am and still go what we wanted.  We came home, took a nap and then went to Bass Pro Shop before picking up our neighbor at the airport.  So that killed the whole week and left Saturday to get a million things done.  I cleaned house like I hadn't cleaned before.  I wanted to get my Christmas stuff up, but I ran out of time.  Today is getting school stuff done, then getting Christmas up and then having Thanksgiving Part 2 with my hubby's parents.  Yikes! 

With that thought, I should be getting stuff done!  Happy Sunday! 


Enjoying the day off and a freebie!

This has been a long stretch from Labor Day until now.  We don't get any days off for Fall Break.  We go from Labor Day to Veteran's Day with just the weekends off.  It's a long haul, that's for sure!  But I made it and we have 4 days this week and then a whole week off!  It'll be glorious! 

This morning, I enjoyed being lazy (who am I kidding...still in my pj's!).  I woke up, watched GMA and got my Josh fix, then got up and came on the computer.  I typed up some math journals (they are available at TPT) and them made some for this week to use with my kids.  We will be doing Thanksgiving the whole week (I am doing this instead of my regular Language Arts program) and a little bit on turkeys for fun.  I typed up a little turkey math problem solving to share with you all!  It's 5 pages of simple math, but it would be a good indicator of who's got it and who doesn't!  Click Tom the Turkey below to go get your own copy of Turkey Time! 

I've got oodles of stuff to do today to get ready for the week.  Being in the funk that I am in, doing lesson plans and grading papers and such isn't high on my list of priorities.  The puzzle I started the other night was, but it's not done, so now I am having choose between puzzle, laundry and lesson plans.  Obviously the computer won out on this one!  :)  I am hoping this funk goes away by January and that we can get to the business of teaching and collaborating again sooner rather than later.  Otherwise I might just go crazy!  Not fun!
Laundry is calling as well as my daughter!  Happy Monday! 



This year has been strange.  And I don't like it.  I think I have started several posts this year with these same words.  But it's true.  It's been a strange year so far.  And it has me in a funk.  Even my hubby has commented on me being in a funk.  Not good.  But, when the grade level team isn't able to work together, you don't get much done.  And we are still not working together and still working with the district administrator to get us all "working together for the common good".  Yeah, OK.  So not going to happen.

And before anyone gets all holier than thou and says that we need to try harder, please note that the whole reason we are doing this, for one person, does not take any blame or guilt for their actions.  It'a all everyone else's fault.  When you walk down the hallway and purposely look away from someone to avoid having to say good morning, what do you think will happen?  We will talk to you all the time and invite you to coffee? (FYI - we don't ever go to coffee.)  What do you think will happen when you don't participate in collaboration or want e-mails of important information?  We will assume that you want to be part of the team and join in with the rest of us?  Oh, I'm sorry.  I missed mind reader training that day in college.  I must have slept in that day (I never did that, I was a nerd.).  It's very hard to listen to someone talk about how badly they have been treated when they have brought it on themselves.  Now, are we/I completely innocent?  No.  I could have said Hello more often.  I could have approached and asked how things are going.  I could have done more.  But, to protect myself from the constant barage of e-mails telling me how unprofessional and callous I am, I avoided making contact.  You can only be told so many times that you are no good before you stop trying and work with those who value you as a person and a professional. 

So now, going into week 14 of our school year, we have yet to work as a grade level.  We have yet to sit down and look at Common Core and see what the standards are.  We have yet to sit down, have a good conversation about our kids or what we are teaching or what we need help on.  Instead, we are still meeting with district admins and union reps to solve a problem that I don't think can be solved.  One person does not want to work with another and, even though claims they want to work as a grade level team, won't go to meetings for fear the other person would be there.  To me, that isn't working as a team.  It's wanting to work with others as long as the other person isn't there.  And it's made the team divided.  But it's really 4 against 1.  And it isn't fair to the 1, but they have done it to themselves.  4 of us can work well together and we get along and we share.  1 of us doesn't want to share, won't talk or make eye contact.  And you are the victim in all this? 

I don't get it.  And it has made me sad.  And mad.  And in a funk that I can't get out of.  And it sucks. 


Another week in the books

Each Sunday, I have big, grand hopes of blogging during the week.  And then Sunday rolls around again and I didn't do anything.  Oh well.  But the good news is that soccer is almost over for my daughter and I will get my 2 days a week back!  I can't wait!  We have practice once this week, a game on Saturday and then we are done!  I have enjoyed watching her play soccer, but 3 hours a week has been killing me! 

We have 9 days of school before we are off for Thanksgiving.  9 DAYS!  I am looking forward to being off 3 days next weekend, but very much looking forward to having a whole week off.  It's been a long time since Labor Day.  I did take a 1/2 day, but I had an IEP for my daughter, so it didn't count as a relaxing time off!  I am looking forward to sleeping in a bit, getting some things done for me (wow!) and getting ready to tackle the last 4 days of school.  Then we have 4 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas break.  Strange how the calendar falls this year! 

In 2 days, we will know our fate as teachers.  If Prop 30 passes here in CA, then we get our furlough days back and all will be well with the world (I don't see how it will solve all the problems, but that is their promise to us).  If it doesn't pass, then we could have like 20 furlough days next year.  20 DAYS!  Insane!  I don't like the sound of that.  My kiddos need all the days at school they can have.  Sometimes I think we need more than 180, but then come May, I am exhausted and ready for a break!  I guess come Wednesday we will know more. 

And, to end the post, it will be a photodump.  I have tons of pics on my camera and actually have it at home!  So, without further ado, here is what we have been up to for the last month or so.  Enjoy!

Weather Vanes - I took this idea from my daughter's teacher.  The kids loved it and we had fun taking them outside.  It was a breezy day, so it worked out well.  Come playdough from Dollar Tree, straws and streamers and paper plates.  Done! 

Our water cycles.  The kids had fun making them. 

Red Ribbon Week - We had the guitar player from Neon Trees come and talk to the kids.  It helps that one of our teachers goes to church with the moms of the guitar player and the lead singer.  It was neat and the kids thought it was cool to have someone famous at school. 

Here is my door decoration for the Red Ribbon Week.  It said "Look Whoo's Drug Free".  We didn't win, but it's adorable anyway.  I kept it, but I don't know where it is.  Hmmm...

We are learning about maps.  We were making our own version of globes.  I normally do this with markers and water, but my markers were all dried up (Crayola, I'm not happy!!!) so we went with plan B and water colors.  I will never use markers again! 

With seasons, we did this that I saw on Pinterest.  The Pinterest ones were cuter, but we did it. 

Measuring our pumpkin on Halloween Day.

Pumpkin seed tasting. 

Pumpkin life cycle. 

Marshmallow graphing - I thought I had got the shapes, but they were just ghosts. 

Painting the background for our scarecrows. 

Finished background. 

Finished work! 


It has been a long few months.  Things are still not great at work.  The stress is going to kill me.  But, I go to work every day, try to do my best and hope that my kids are learning.  I just did report cards today and have a lot of work to do with my kids.  12 weeks are gone and we can't get them back.  I have 24 more weeks to go to get my kids ready for the next step.  We can do it, but it's gonna be a lot of work.  I just hope the next 2 terms are less stressful than this first one.  No fun at all.  :(
Well, I need to plan for this week.  Time to start new and fresh with the new trimester!  Happy Sunday!


When is vacation?

I don't think I have ever had a year as weird as this year is.  The year isn't really weird, it's more how I have felt this year about things.  I need something to change because I don't like the way I feel.  I keep trying to change how I feel and how I see things, but then it seems like things get worse!  Nooooo! 

This is the last week of the grading period.  Have I finished my testing?  Nope.  Started, but barely.  I have a lot to do, and just 4 "real" days to do it in.  I don't know how much I will get done on Wednesday with is being Halloween.  I will try, but you never know!  I feel very overwhelmed and I don't like this feeling.  I tried to change some plans, make it easier for me, but it ended up being more complicated.  So, back to the original plan.  I will get it done, it will all be OK. 

We haven't done much for Halloween in class.  We've read some pumpkin books, but no Halloween stories.  We've done a couple pumpkin things, but that's it.  I feel bad.  I'm not a big fan of Halloween (in fact, my daughter doesn't go trick or treating unless we are at Legoland) and I don't focus on it very much.  I have 3 days to get it all in, let the kids have some fun and then  it's on to something else come Thursday.  We are doing a scarecrow poem this week and scarecrow stories so we can do our scarecrow project on Friday.  Check out what it can look like here.  It's an all day project, but I really like it.  Did I plan for it to last all day?  Nope, but that's how my year is going!  :)  Oh well, what can you do?

Like everything else, I am overwhelmed.  So, this will be all for today!  For those of you in the path of the monster storm, I wish you well!  For those of you in So Cal, I wish we had fall!  I'm tired of this hot weather - 93* at the end of October is kinda crappy!  Happy Sunday!


A Good Monday

You know how sometimes Mondays aren't the best?  Well, today wasn't one of those days!  It was a good day when I really think about it.  Yeah, I have duty, but it's after school.  My kids weren't perfect, but close enough.  I didn't get everything done, but that happens.  It was just a good day! 

And to make it better (thank goodness it wasn't worse!)...we are almost to the end of the term.  I am trying like a mad woman to get my testing done without interrupting teaching time.  I don't know if it will work, but dang it, I'm gonna try!  Anyway, I had about 10 minutes this afternoon while my kids were working on a project (note to self - recopy the paper and start again fresh...they bombed it!).  So, I called one of my kids over to do the sight word test.  We do the sight words every day, twice a day.  I just hope something sticks sometimes, ya know?  Well, one of my little guys who works really hard, doesn't get a lot of help at home and is really quiet - he got 77 words out of 100!  That's pretty good considering he knew 12 when we started!  They are supposed to know at least 150 by the end of 1st grade, so he's half way there!  Made me smile!  And the words he knew, he really knew.  He didn't have to sound them out!  Ah, the little things that make me smile! 

That and a good dinner from Panera.  Hubby has been out of town since Saturday, so it's me and my girl on our own.  I had to run to Dollar Tree to pick up some things for Girl Scouts tomorrow night, so we made a night of it.  A tasty dinner and some shopping.  Then home to get ready for tomorrow and wait for hubby to get home!  3 days is too much for this girl! 

Well, time to cuddle on the couch with my baby and wait for daddy to get home.  A little Big Bang Theory on the DVR to end the night.  Here's hoping for a good day again tomorrow! 


Same old, same old

Well, another 2 weeks have come and gone.  And I haven't posted.  And nothing has really changed.  We are still busy learning and trying to cram it all in before testing for report cards.  There isn't enough time in the day or days in the week and weeks in the month to get it all done.  I need time to slow down for a bit, just so we can catch up! 

I haven't taken my camera to school in weeks.  We've been doing art and work, but no pictures.  Sorry.  We spent the last week and a half reading the bear books by Karma Wilson. 
I absolutely adore these books.  And, as I was googling the image, I saw there is a new book that I don't have.  I know what to be on the lookout for now!  Anyway, we spent the time in the morning reading the books and then discussing what the season was in each book, how we knew, etc.  We then had to summarize the book and we wrote it down on a chart.  And when I say we, I mean me.  My kids told me what to write and I cleaned it up and wrote it.  So we had a nice little chart with all the seasons.  They loved the stories, too.  In fact on Friday, we drew the bear from this story.  My doesn't look totally like him, but it was OK.  The kids did a great job.  I forgot to get them from the library before school got out, so I don't have them cut out and ready to hang up.  That will be my job tomorrow after school.  I can't wait to have them up and show them off! 

We haven't tackled fall/pumpkins/spiders/etc like I wanted to.  In fact, we haven't done much.  We have been reading some pumpkin books, but we haven't learned about pumpkins.  So my goal this week is to get 2 things done with pumpkins.  Not a lot, I know, but I can only do so much.  We were busy preparing for our benchmark test, so I was busy with that instead of having fun!  :)  Or, at least it would look like fun rather than teaching from the text. 

We are still dealing with the issue in the grade level.  We didn't meet this last week nor will we meet this coming week, so nothing will be accomplished.  We will meet on the 30th, and hopefully that will be the last time.  We have too much to do to be busy trying to make someone feel all warm and fuzzy.  Get over it, move on and be a team player darn it!  If not, go somewhere else and leave us be!  OK, that will be the extent of my rambling tonight!  ;)

Well, I need to plan for the week.  I have been in a creative funk, so there isn't anything new coming out of my brain.  And I don't like it.  We haven't had a day off since Labor Day, we don't get half days for conferences and our next day off is Veteran's Day weekend.  Then we work for 4 days and then have the week off for Thanksgiving.  I am working for that!  But, I have better get something done before the motivation leaves!  Happy Sunday!


Today. Tomorrow. And every day after that.

I'm a little embarrassed that it's been almost a month since I posted.  But, life has been crazy, and something had to give, so it was my blog.  I figure this isn't a necessity in life, and my family and work are.  But, things might settle down a bit, and I am making some time today to finally get some things done that I have been wanting to get done.  Like blogging.  And making math journals.  Fun!!!!

We are moving along bit by bit at school.  We have been in school for 8 weeks now.  Sometimes it seems like we have been there forever and other times it seems like 8 weeks should be 4 weeks.  I am happy with the progress most of my kids are making.  I guess we all want them to do better than they are no matter where they are.  But, we are moving along, doing what we can.

I am having a strange year.  Strange to me, anyway.  I feel very flustered this year.  Very stressed.  Very lost.  I don't like it at all.  I'm making a goal to change that now.  Today.  Tomorrow.  Every day after that.  I don't like the way I feel at school.  There are several reasons why.  Some are me.  Some are my kids.  Some are the people around me.  Sometimes it's almost too much to handle.

Last year, I had a very high group.  They could do a lot (especially at the end of the year) and we didn't have to focus on the little things.  We had time to have some fun, think a little outside the box and do things that may not have necessarily been in our standards, but helped our learning and understanding of things.  So when I planned this year, I was planning for the same thing.  Well, 8 weeks ago, I met my little class and they are different than last years bunch.  They are much lower, with many more issues than my class last year.  So we are having to take things slower and try to hit all those little things.  And we have to do it again.  And again.  And again.  It's not as much fun.  And that's my fault.  But I worry when I think I will do something fun.  I worry that we aren't covering something important.  I worry that we are missing out on learning.  And then invariably, someone spills the paint on their clothes.  And someone cries that it's not fair that they didn't get to do the activity.  And then I wonder why I thought we would do it in the first place.  The fun is going away.  And I don't like that.  I need to change that.  Today.  Tomorrow.  And every day after that.

I bought the book for Daily 5.  I started reading it so I could make an effort this year.  But then I started thinking about my schedule.  I started thinking about what I would have to give up.  How would I get it all in?  How would I explain it to people who have no idea what it is?  So I stopped reading the book.  I had a million ideas in my head in the summer about what I would do and how I would do things.  And then none of them went into place.  And so now I wonder what I am doing and why I am doing the things I do.  I question what I do.  And they are things I have done for 15 years now.  And I am overwhelmed with Common Core and we aren't even there year.  We won't really start until next year or the year after that.  But it's in my head.  I need to wrap my head around something...but nothing is sticking.  And it sucks!  But that will change.  I am going to start looking at things in a different light and see where it goes.  I need to change my thinking about things.  Today.  Tomorrow.  And every day after that.

We have issues in our grade level.  Always have.  But things have come to a head now.  One teacher, who hasn't been happy to join in with us, chose this year to not be part of the grade level collaborations.  It was her choice and the principal allowed that to happen.  She allowed her to not be part of what we are trying to be.  Well, that teacher had had a change of heart and now wants to be part of the team.  Great!  I am all for that.  But she doesn't know how to go about doing this, so she had a meeting with a higher up in the district.  We all had meetings with this person then, to go over all the crap that has happened over the years.  So now, instead of being able to have a PLC with our grade level, we are going through "team building" activities with the district personnel.  Because we can't all play nice, we are having to go through this instead of our normal things we need to do as a grade level.  As the grade level lead, I am in the middle of it all.  People don't want to play nice and tell me they aren't going to do this or that.  Or I have to listen to them talk about how we are all going to be sued for harassment and we are all going to lose our jobs.  That won't happen, I have been reassured, but it still bugs me that I have to listen to this.  I have thought of not being grade level lead, but there isn't anyone else that can really do it.  So, I will do it.  I will continue doing what we need to do, but I have to try to not let others get into my head.  It's stressing me out BIG time, causing me to be very crabby.  I don't like it.  So, I will change that.  Today.  Tomorrow.  And every day after that.

I need to let things go.  I need to stop worrying (that's no east feat for me!  I'm a worrier) about others, stop worrying about how I am doing things and stop worrying about trying to get it all in.  I need to worry about me being happy, stress-free and focused on what matters.  It won't be easy, it won't be all done tomorrow, but I have a new goal, a new mantra.  Today.  Tomorrow.  And every day after that.


What we've been up to...with pictures!

It's been crazy busy here in my neck on the woods, er desert.  It's been super hot as well, so we are all a bit tired of being hot and tired!

Here is a run down of what we have been doing lately in class.

We studied mixtures in science with matter.  We mixed different things together to make our trail mix.  Yum!

Shape sorting.  

Author Study with Kevin Henkes books.  We were looking at feelings this week.  The kids think it's either happy or sad.  Trying to get them to think a little bigger.  

Cause and Effect - if nothing else, this helped me understand how to teach it better.  

We celebrated Patriot Day.

We made patterns with our cereal.  This was the whole lesson.  It went for an hour and the kids loved it!

Painting!  Something new early in the year.  We need to work on this skill! 

Tie dye!  We will be doing tie dye Tuesdays again this year!  

Patterns - making apple patterns.  A good way to kill 45 minutes!  

Ending our unit on matter (thank goodness!).  We made Fizzy Purple Cows.  The kids loved it!  Ice cream when it's 105* outside is never a bad idea!  

We will be starting our 6th week tomorrow.  It's going by too fast.  But, I see some good growth with my kids, so that's nice.  I just wish they had started "growing" on week 2, not 5.  But at least they are moving along.  We are struggling with writing, but again, we are learning a little more each day.  Time for the teacher to figure it out!  

I have made some new units for TpT for math, but they aren't uploading well today.  I will try again tomorrow!  Until then, I need to get some lesson planning done, laundry done (what a shock!) and some rest in.  I could easily fall asleep right now, but fighting the urge, as I don't sleep well at night if I nap during the day!  :(

Happy Sunday!


September already?

Holy cow!  This year is already going by way too fast!  It needs to slow down or there needs to be more hours in the day.  I don't have time to get it all done at school or at home.  It's nuts!

Here's a brief picture-less rundown of the last 2 (or is it 3) weeks.

- My class is pretty stable right now with 22 kids.  I am lucky that we are as low as we are considering other schools are at 26 - 29 kids.  I will gladly take my little class and work with them.  They have come around to my way of thinking and they are a pretty good, well-behaved bunch.  We have our moments, but who doesn't?  I was threatened last week by a student, but a "meeting" with the dad and telling the dad how it's going to be and things are all good now.  I think the child is the really bright one in the family, but no one knows how to help him.

- Overall I have a relatively low bunch of kids.  They are moving, but it's slow going.  I have to change my way of doing things to make it fit their way of learning.  So, it's been a bit of a learning curve for us all.  Who would have thought that after 15 years, it didn't work anymore? Things will be a work in progress for a while, but I guess that means we will all be learning this year!  And that's not even adding in the Common Core standards.  That will be another bundle of fun next year!

- I started teaching my student on Home Hospital.  They won't be at school for a while, so I have to go to their house.  I was nervous at first as to how it would go, but oh my word!  Such a cutie!  And we get so much done in an hour one on one!  I am sharing it with another teacher due to time constraints on my part, and the student told me yesterday that I was their real teacher and the other teacher was their pretend teacher!  Made me all warm and fuzzy!  I will be so happy when the child gets to come to school every day and I know the will be super happy, too!

- While this group of kids don't really care to write, they CAN draw!  It's so nice!  We did a directed drawing 2 weeks ago of the mouse from Who's Mouse Are You? and they turned out so well!  When I get a picture of them, I will post it.  I was in awe of how well they did.  Made me excited to do more art, but we haven't had a lot of time lately.  :(

- We have been learning about matter.  Not a great unit, but the kids have really gotten into it.  We were "scientists" today and went to see how solids change into liquids.  Good thing it's still summer and only 100* so the ice melts in like 30 seconds flat and evaporates in 45 seconds!  We melted chocolate chips and crayons, too!  Oh, and kids start to melt in about a minute and a half!  :)

- We had "training" on Common Core and I know nothing more today than I did on Monday before the training!  All I know is that CA will be behind the times and we will have to use old curriculum to teach new standards!  Sounds like fun!  But it looks like we won't have to teach money anymore!  If that's true, AMEN!  Not my favorite thing to teach to kids!

- Well, after typing this, I feel like it's been pretty boring.  But, doing the home hospital left me no time to work in my room, get things done, etc.  I am hoping to get a little more caught up in the next week and feel somewhat normal again soon!  Thankfully tomorrow is Friday!  I am exhausted and I only will have taught 3 days this week.  But, we are fighting colds here, so I am beat!  Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!


I didn't disappear...I just started school!

Oh my word!  It's been forever since I have written here!  I have checked other blogs out, but I haven't made the time or had the energy to actually sit down and write.  A lot has happened in the last 2 weeks, notably I started school!

We started on Monday.  We haven't started on a Monday in a long time.  It was a loooooooooong week.  I don't want to start on a Monday again.  It was a hot week.  Like 105+ every single day.  Horrible.  The kids couldn't go out and play, we were sweaty messes by 9:15.  It was icky.  Luckily my A/C was working, since it has trouble the week before.  My A/C guys fixed it up good, so that was nice.  Here is my room all done before the kids came on Monday.

The kids came on Monday and it was a weird day.  I can't explain it, really, but it was a very weird day.  I didn't feel nervous or excited about the day and then the whole day was just weird.  I had a kid throw up within 5 minutes of being inside.  All over my nice, clean carpet.  Lovely.  The custodian came and cleaned it up, but he didn't really clean it.  So it stayed there all day time the night custodian came and really cleaned it up.  Again, lovely.  

We made it through the day and through the week.  It was a long week with Back to School night on Thursday.  I had 13 parents show up out of 22.  And most of them came at 5:45 - 5:50 when it was over at 6:00.  I had my daughter's BTSN at 6:45, so I rushed out of mine to make it to hers.  We had to blow off soccer practice to make it to BTSN, too!  Crazy week!  

I don't feel like we accomplished much this week, but we got some things done.  I tell ya, it was a weird week.  We started our "regular" work on Tuesday, so not a lot of time for "fun" as the kids let me know.  Here's a little of what we did:
Uppercase vs lowercase.  We needed to review this, as many of the kids didn't know what they were or that they were different.  

Owls...we made owls by sharing.  The kids were supposed to share the paper to have all different colored owls.  It was harder than I thought!

We read Leo the Late Bloomer (3 times) and talked about what it means to bloom and that it is OK to not know something.  Then we made out own Leo's.  

In math, we were working on numbers to 12.  I let the kids pick a number and glue the fish into the "tank".  They had to complete the sentence "I see ______ fish in the tank." and write the number word.  

All in all, it was an OK week.  I have my work cut out for me this year.  I have a fairly low class, which is way different than last year.  It's going to be a lot of work, but I think they are teachable and need some time to remember all they learned in Kindergarten.  In the meantime, I am going to look for my Superhero cape and a magic wand to give me a little help!  

Week one is done, now it's on to week 2!  Still reviewing and assessing, but the "teaching" will start soon enough!  Here is too a great week where it's supposed to cool down to the high 90's and a great week of getting to know my kids even more!  

And here is a picture I took just a bit ago from my patio.  These are the clouds over the mountains...I'm glad they're further away today!  I hate humidity!  Happy Sunday!