'Twas the day before vacation...

...and the kids were going nutty! Luckily mine have been pretty good, so it's OK. I think we are all ready for a nice break before we get into the meat and bones of our curriculum. We have a lot to do when we get back to get ready for second grade, but before that, we will have some fun.

This week, we have been doing more craftivities than real learning, but we are working on fine motor skills and following directions. Here is a look at what we have done this year for Christmas! Enjoy the walk through the classroom!

Our Christmas trees they did at home! I got the pattern from Kristin at A Teeny Tiny Teacher.  My kids loved doing them at home.  I hope the parents did, too.  I love how they are all different.

Our Christmas light names.  I saw this on Pinterest and had to do it.  2 others in my grade level copied my idea.  Of course one teacher made it seem like it was her own original idea. 

GIngerbread people...after our week of Gingerbread stories. 

Poinsettias...we talked a little about Christmas in Mexico and made these last week.  It's kind of ironic that over half my kids are from Mexico (or their parents are...the kids were all born here) and they had never seen a poinsettia before. 

 Oops...all our gingerbread people!
 We wrote about one gift we wanted for Christmas and then we put it on a "gift" and wrapped it. 

 Our wreaths...they were not loving this project at all.  They whined and complained the whole time.  :(

 My new favorite project...I saw this at Teacher Bits and Bobs.  I did it with my intervention group (I have the highs!) and they loved it.  So easy to make!  And I am so mad at myself for never thinking of the magic oval or magic circle!  What a fabulous way to do it.  Check out their blog for more details!  I will make sure I do this one every year! 

 I saw this somewhere last year and it's my new favorite tree.  It's made of 10 hearts, turned upside down.  Cut out, glue together and decorate.  This was the best looking one.  The rest didn't look like a tree at all.  Kinda pathetic, really!
Tomorrow will be the last day.  We have our assembly in the morning for Student of the Month and then we will be making the giant nutcracker.  We did it last year and when I told the kids about it, they have been so excited!  I got all the pieces cut for it this year (last year I did it as I went along!) so we will start it in the morning and finish by lunch.  After lunch will be a movie and cookies and then they will leave at 1:55!  I can't wait!  I have some work to do after school, but I figure I can still be home by 3:30 and start my vacation! 

Happy almost Friday!

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