Sometimes Mondays just suck

Ok, today didn't suck too bad, but it was a Monday. And I am exhausted. I am glad that it's over and tomorrow is a new day. It started off crappy and only went slightly uphill. Luckily the school day ended on a good note with a little fun!

I have a student who is probably ADD. He is very distracted all the time and barely pays attention to anything I say or do. He is too busy flipping his hair around (it's too long forma boy and always in his eyes), too busy rocking around and playing with things on the floor. There hasn't been one day where he has finished work on his own in the time allowed tHis whole year. I've talked to mom, but she wears me out. She behaves like she was a tweaked, but I think she is just very hyper. She makes excuses for her son as to why he doesn't do his work. she says she was the same way, so it's ok for him. She says he doesn't like school, he knows it already (he's one of my lowest) and he's bored. Well, do the work and you can have some fun. Today he missed all recess time and missed social studies since we were having fun and he got to go to the office. I was happy he missed the fun, but I doubt he even cared. sad, really. I feel bad for him, since his house must be chaotic. Mom says that they have no money, so they are all worried about that. It makes me sad that he is so out in left field that he can't and won't concentrate, try or care about his work. He is young, too, which doesn't help, but there are other young ones who are doing ok.

Speaking of young kids, our state is changing the cut off for birthdates for going into kinder. Right now, students have to be 5 by December 2. That's great and all, but we start in August. It's a long time til November or December when they are young. My lowest kids for the most part just turned 6 within the last 6 weeks. They were low in kinder and they are still low. Most are boys, too. Starting next year, the cutoff will be September 2. I wonder if it will make a difference? Anyone have an early cutoff for kinder? Can you see a difference?

Today we started our Christmas around the world. We learned a bit about the Netherlands. The kids loved making the little clog. I am hoping to get their pencils and stickers in them tomorrow morning, but imhave 3 places to be tomorrow before school and one of them isn't my classroom.:(. Maybe after recess!

Just 9 more days...I am counting down the hours! Hope everyone else had a great Monday. I am hoping for a great Tuesday!

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  1. I'm sorry your Monday was bad - mine was hectic too since I got another new student (I got one last week too!) so that's draining. Are you doing Rachelle's Holiday's Around the World? We did the Netherlands yesterday and my students really liked it. So many of them glued their whole shoe together. Oh well! I'm jealous that you get out soon! We go until the 21st and then we're driving down to Sunny California! Wahoo!