Luckily Tuesday was better!

Yes, it's true...Tuesday was better, even though I thought it was Wednesday when I woke up yesterday. Reality was a slight bummer. The day was pretty good, and my kid who hasntbdone much in a month or more did all his work. It took a lot of reminding him, moving his seat and reminding him of missing recess, but it got done. So, he got all his recess and his hand stamp. He was in heaven last night playing his video game.

Last night was a crazy night. We are finally getting our new couches today, so we had to take the old one out, clean the floor and then sit and wait. Before that, I had to fold the mountain of laundry that was on the couch and then get all the other crap off the couch. Oh, I had to make dinner, do dishes, get my daughter to bed........you get the idea. School work? Nah, it took a ride home with me and will ride back to school with me today. Maybe today.

It has been miserably cold here for us. Each morning has been well below freezing at my house. The other day it was 24. Today it's a warm 28. And I have morning duty this week. It's a bit warmer at 8:40, but it's still cold. And it's been chilly all week long, though we are supposed to be about 65 today, which is still chilly. I miss the 90 degrees of summer. That's why I live here. I like it being warm. Oh, and did I mention my heater went out at home? Yep. No heat and my house is freezing. I sleep with like 5 blankets (and imsleep well!) but I freeze getting ready, eating breakfast, all the things I do in the morning. Hopefully the heater guy will be here early and the couch guys will be here early and I can enjoy my night in a warm, comfy house!

I guess I should get ready for work. It's Wedensday, which is a short day, but still so much to do. Hopefully I am motivated enough to getnstuff done and not have to bring anything home. Happy Wednesday!

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