I don't think we're in Kansas anymore

Holy wind! What a crazy, nutty day! We are in the midst of the worst wind storm in a decade. I think it's about 9 years, but who's counting? Luckily I live where the winds haven't been as bad as some places, but it's still cold, windy and dry. And it makes the kids go berserk. Mine were pretty good today, so I won't complain!

This week has flown by! I am so glad, as I am in need of a long vavction. I love my kids, but I am almost burned out. Burn out is mostly from staff I work with and the crap that we all go through. I am done with one of the teachers and her constant whining about one thing and then her constant one-upping of whatever it is someone says. Anyone else work with someone like that? They have had it happen to them worse, more often, done it better or did it first, no matter what it is. I have this one beat on being married and having a kid, but everything else - ugh. I enjoy the dys when she is gone and we have a quiet lunch. Today was one of those days. Thank you!

I think I have finally come to peace with the fact that my student who is Jehovah's witness just misses out and can color. I m done trying to make it all religion friendly. It's too hard when all the otherclassess are having fun. This week we talked about pine trees and their parts and needs, but then we also talked about how they are Christmas trees. Tomorrow we will do an art project to go with our writing and have. Little fun. We'll also make a cute project I found on line. If I remember to take a picture, you might see it by the weekend! :)

I think tonight will be a total veg night. I am tired, cold and not motivated to do anything. Sorry exercise, you lose tonight. Maybe to tomorrow...or Saturday...or...thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. It's been a good week, but I am ready for the weekend. A little cleaning, a little project and Legoland may be in the weekend plans. I hope sleeping might be in the future, too! Happy Friday eve!


  1. I used to work with a one-upper. GRRRRR. I feel ya!
    Have fun this weekend!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  2. Hi there! I work with a teacher just like the one you described. We have actually had the same lunch time for the past 3 years!!! It's gotten so bad, that I have just about given up on eating lunch in the faculty room just to avoid the headaches. I can relate to the burnout as well! I just started my blog it's titled: Free Fallin Into First. You should visit! I love your "Blogs I Read" section! How did you list the blogs like that? Which widget did you use? I just can't seem to list the blogs I follow in the same format. Thanks!