Half way through

I am glad today is Wednesday. For us, we have minimum day. The kids leave early and we are able tom do what we want with our time. We can work, go home, whatever. For me, I stay and work. I'd rather have the time to get things ready, though i haven't gotten a lot done in a long time. I guess my motivation and energy aren't there. :(. It will be back come January!

Today was a good day. My kids were very conversational today and we were late getting things done, but it was fun to just talk and listen to their thought processes. I have to say, I love my kids and I have the best class of all. My kids are just great. Of course, there are those who make me bang my head on the wall, but they are still pretty lovable in their own way. I am I. The middle of assessments, so there is a lot of timei am one on one instead of reading with them like I should be. Next week will be all assessing in the morning with them doing busy work and some fun. I hate giving busy work, but sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do.

I came home today with the beginnings of a cold. I think it'll hit hard and fast. I was fine all day til I gotin my car to come home. :(. I took some meds, took a short nap and then hubby woke me up to go to dinner. We went to eat, and then had to run home to wait for our new couches to come! They are finally here after 3 weeks of waiting. And they brought the wrong couch, that they could have brought 3 weeks ago! At least we got the upgraded couch for no money. Hopefully they don't realize their error. But if they do, it comes from their pocket. They delivered it as is, so...Now I just have to wait for my heater to be fixed...2 more days. It's been in the 20's in the morning, so it's pretty frosty in my house. But, I know how to dress in layers and I like sleeping with lots of blankets, anyway!

Thank goodness the week is almost over. Tomorrow night I have to stay at school til 7:30 for art night. I like doing it, just not when I am tired and getting sick. Hopefully we have a good turn out and the kids hae fun. I think I am off to try out how the new couch works for laying down! :) Happy Wednesday!

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