1 down, 2 to go

Wow! I can't believe that my first week of vacation is over. And I am sad isn't tons of stuff to show for it. My house is cleaner than its been in weeks, my shopping and wrapping is done and there is now some baking to do. But, it has been nice to not be at work. I love mymkids, but this is a much needed break that I am happy to have every year.

Here is a brief recap of my first week of vacation:
Monday - cleaned my "art room". It is actually what should be the dining ro om, but I have no dining table or fancy china or any use for it, so I use it for my arts and crafts and school stuff. It was all piled high. Now it's a cleaner mess!

Tuesday- I took our neighbor to the airport and then my daughter and I went to breakfast, did some shopping and then came home and had lunch. I then proceeded to sleep on the couch on and off for the next 3 hours. I guess I needed it, but boy was I lazy!

Wednesday- kitchen cleaning day. Now, I could have just cleaned the counters and floors and been done, but no, I had to deep clean the whole thing. I even cleaned the inside of the cabinets, just for fun. I have to admit though, I took my time and had fun using my new shark mop. I thought it would be OK, but it's great! No more cleaning the floor on my hands and knees!

Thursday- my daughter and I went and did a little more shopping. We then met my hubby for lunch and then we came home and wrapped the last few gifts. We went out last night to see a friend of my hubby get sworn in as a lawyer, then we went to the Mission Inn to check out their Christmas light display. Many, many people had the same idea as we did. Crazy! We then went to dinner at our favorite deli (Jason's Deli...we have one in CA, I'm glad it's just 20 miles away!!!!). And then came home and got out of the wind. I am done with the wind in CA...too many days of Santa Ana winds and my hands are paying the price.

Friday- finished the cleaning and laundry. May get around to baking later with my daughter or we'll do it tomorrow. I want to get some cookies made and some cupcakes for Christmas day, along with getting the veggies ready for my veggie lasagna. We are doing Christmas with my Grannies tomorrow, since she has decided she isn't leaving her home anymore. So we will go ambush her there! And then I have to get ready for Sunday, as we are having it at ourmhouse! A bit scary since the last time was 5 years ago when my dauhter was 6 months old! But I am excited for it and glad that my daughter can be at home for the big day!

I am signing off til Monday at least. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope that everyone has a great time with family and friends and has a very relaxing break away from school.

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