We survived...and other random thoughts

Well,we survived another Halloween season. My kids were angels yesterday on Halloween. We did pumpkin day, or a short, abbreviated version of it. I just wasn't feeling it. My kids didn't seem that into it, either. Kinda sad. But, the day came and went and they went home. I told them, er warned them, that they were to bed on their best behavior today and to not eat all their candy for breakfast. They were very good today and we had no problems. One of our better days, really. Kinda scary if you think about it. Tomorrow will hopefully be just as good.

We had an assembly today for red ribbon week. Some DEA officers were there talking to the kids about what red ribbon week is for, how it all started and to remind them tom say no to drugs. The best part of the whole thing...they landed a helicopter on the field. So cool! They unfortunately didn't bring any dogs, but it was good nonetheless. The agents were there all decked out, been with their weapons. The kids were in awe. And so was their teacher. A neat way to end the day!

I started conferences today. I met with 3 parents, and they were all pretty easy. 2 were OK, the other is really low, but he needs testing and I am working on getting him to that point. It makes my Jon a bit harder to have to jump thru hoops, but I am doing it. Fun.

It was interesting talking to a parent. The kid is new tom school and sweet as can be. The parents are super supportive and want to make sure their child is doing well. I love that, and feel bad that I had the wrong impression of the dad. My first impression - Gang member. Sad, but completely possible. Tats all over, dresses like one, etc. I've talked with dad a lot and he is the nicest guy. In fact, he is a good dad...takes care of the one in my class and helps with the baby while the mom is helping her mom. Makes me so happy to see dads take an active role in their child's lives. There are too many who aren't there are who don't care. My hubby makes sure he is involved, and he has helped several times in my daughters class.

I will be doing conferences every afternoon from here til next Wednesday. I may have some next Thursday, but it is a teacher work day and I would rather work than conference. We'll see how that goes...if that goes. I want to clean, organize and wrap my mind around the next trimester. I need to make things nice and neat and more prepared than I am now. Lucky for me, the kids have no idea what they are supposed to be doing!

Well, my daughter decided tom write all over herself with a black sharpie, so it's time to scrub away. Happy Tuesday!

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