Vacation is coming to an end...

I have very much enjoyed my time off of work this last week.  In fact, I barely thought about it at all.  It was nice to be away from the daily grind and do things that I wanted to do.  I didn't get as much done as I had hoped, but I still got some things done and my house is decorated for Christmas.  It's basically just my living room and the outside, but I would need more decorations and a bigger house.  I like my little living room decorated and lit up and then the rest of the house "normal".

I sat down tonight to make up some things for school.  I am trying really hard to make sure I do my daily problem solving in math with my kids.  I made up a quick 4 day problem solving kit to go with Christmas trees/decorating.  I have decided to put it on TpT, but it's only $1!  I noticed an item I had put on my blog last year had over 900 views...and 2 comments.  I am hoping maybe someone will want it and like it and tell me so.  I am a bit needy and like knowing that someone thinks my creations are OK. 

Here is a freebie of the problem solving unit.  This is the problem we will do on Monday.  The students have their math journals and they will draw and write the answer in their notebook.  There is no question for them to glue on (maybe next year?), but they work it out and then come and show me.  If they get it right, they get a star on their paper.  Big deal, huh?  But they love it cause I use the Mr. Sketch markers and they think I am the greatest person in the world!  And, I just ordered another set of markers to make sure I don't run out!  I think 3 sets should get me through til the end of the year! 

I am planning to sit at my computer for a bit tonight and get some things created.  I am feeling a bit creative, which is good, cause it's been missing for awhile!  Here's to hoping the next 3 weeks go quickly and smoothly and we all have a great time with our kids!


  1. Oh, I hear ya!! I am excited for the next three weeks as I have found they are usually really productive since the kids are rested. I am already sooooo looking forward to that two weeks!! :)

  2. We get 3 off at Christmas time! I can't wait. It helps the families that go to Mexico. They can spend a bit more time there and then when school starts, they are all back. My daughter only has 2 weeks, so I will only get to sleep in a bit! But, I am so ready for a nice, long break.