Time off

Today was a much needed day off. And I didn't do much at home. Hubby had to take his car in to be fixed (and we will get it tomorrow), we went to visit a couple of his clients and then we did lunch and went to Hobby Lobby. We must got a new Hobby Lobby 2 weeks ago, so the new is still there. Luckily it's a ways down the road, so I don't go there all the time. This was my second visit, and we have given them money each time. I got stuff for Christmas crafts for my home and school as well as some other fun stuff and gifts. We left at 8:30 today and got home at 4:00. Then it was rime to make dinner and then I got sidetracked with the computer. What else is new?

I am trying to figure out what I am doing for thanksgiving craftivities with my kids. There isn't a ton of time for me to do them, and I need to figure out what to do that won't offend my one student whose parent told me theynare Jehovah's witness. I didn't know and she was doing all the halloweeny stufF, tho it wasn't anything major. Isn't that something you should have told me in August? But now, I am trying to figure out what to do that will be fun, educational and PC. And I only have a couple days, really, to get it all in. We are still mandated to do our regular reading and math and I don't want to deviate too much. We have someone at the site who is "spying" on us, so I want to make sure everything I do is clean and in line with the pacing guide. Good thing we are an award winning school and know what we ate doing!

I am planning to spend some time on Sunday getting some ideas together for Christmas stuff for when We come back. I try and do a Christmas around the world thing, but I really need to beef it up. I may scour TPT and break down and buy something. It goes against what I want to do, but I need some help. Christmas will be here and over before I know it. I just put away Halloween...not really ready for Christmas!

Well, time to veg for the night and catch up on the DVR. Good thing someone invented it so we can be coach potatoes! Happy Friday!

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