One step forward, two steps back

Today's post isn't about teaching. I AMA little stressed, bummed and freaking disappointed. Plus I am physically in pain, so it's not a good combination. I would like to sit and cry, but I don't want the hubby to get on my case.

Long story short...last Friday, my right foot hurt. I didn't think much of it, wore my tennis shoes, went to work, taught, did the carnival, all in a little pain. Saturday I wore my trusty flip flops all day, again in pain. Sunday, same story. You get the idea. Monday and Tuesday were horribly busy, so today was the day. My own dr. Closes at noon on Wednesday's, so to urgent care I went. 90 minutes later, still not sure what's wrong with me. Originally, the PA told me it was planter fasiiutus. So I don't know how to spell it, but if that's the case, my flip flop days are over and I may need some xanex to get me through it. But, I took xrays and then he changed his tune. He told me, and I think he made it up, that he thought it was a bone island. Seriously...I couldn't make it up. He said there are extra bones in hands and feet that can cause problems. He wnted an xray of my "good" foot to compare. Guess what...not there! So now, there is fear I have a stress fracture in my foot. WTH???? But their xray screen isn't great, so he has to send it out to someone better and then let me know on Friday. Ugh. He gave me a list of drugs, but I haven't got them filled...waiting to see if I can wait til Friday before I fill them. I guess there is a lot of inflammation in my foot, so they want me to take these super anti inflammatories and a steroid. And no exercise. I'm not the queen of exercise, but I have been starting to enjoy it and am liking the results I am getting, no matter how how small. It has been a week and I am not liking what I am seeing. Then to make matters worse, my husband is being a big jerk about the whole thing, which makes me feel like an idiot.

Worst case, it's a stress fracture and I will be unable to walk on It for a few weeks. That means no exercise til it heals. And I would have to wear the lovely black boot and possibly be on crutches. If not, I just have to go buy dr. Shols things and wear them in my shoes like an old lady. Not happy about that, either. So tonight, I feel like a slug who cant do anything and I am crabby and getting crap from the hubby. Gggrrrrrr! Just when I think I am making good progress, something happens to derail it. Makes me mad, sad and pissed.

Think I will take some Tylenol and hit the hay. Another busy day of hobbling around and trying to do my job. Happy Wednesday!


  1. WAAAAAH!!! That is AWFUL!!!!!!! Hang in there and tell your hubby he needs to take care of you and get you ice cream and a trashy magazine. Maybe you need a day off?????? FEEL BETTER!!!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  2. Ouchie! I bet your hubby is a huge baby when he's sick or hurt! Mine can be....he doesn't always understand that sometimes a girl has to cry! He should be kissing your feet and pampering you! Hope it heals fast!