A Much Needed Break

Well, I have made it to November and survived!  The stretch from Labor Day til Veteran's Day is very long.  It's actually the longest continuous time we have with our kids without any interruptions other than the weekends.  Crazy.  Today was the first day without kids.  And I needed it.  And I loved it.  I am sad it is over and that I didn't get my mountain of a to-do list done.  But I did get some things done, and that's all that matters! 

Today was our "Teacher Work Day".  It's the union's fancy way of saying conference day without telling us to do conferences.  We don't get half days or any of that "normal" stuff.  We get one day in the whole year to be at school without children.  We can use it to meet with parents, or we can meet with parents before today and use the time to work in our rooms, which is what I did.  Some teachers don't schedule conferences and hope parents come today, but not me.  I scheduled a bunch, met with 17 of my 22 and told those who didn't bother to send me a paper back any of the times I sent them home that I would be available today.  No one came and I am not sad! 

I had big, lofty plans, but then I got side tracked.  I wanted to put my read aloud books in buckets, but I am not a good visual perception person, so my buckets were too big and my shelf too small.  So, I took all the books out of the buckets, put them back on the shelves and then tackled my student library.  I "leveled" the books there, but there are really only 3 levels instead of the gazillions I should have.  Baby steps.  Now I need to buy some colored stickers or lots of tape to mark so the kids know where to put the books back.  I wasn't prepared to do that project, so I wasn't prepared to finish it.  But, the library isn't a disaster anymore and the kids can stop asking me if it's a test book or not! 

I also cleaned off my board, threw some stuff away that had been there for months and cleaned up some charts.  I made some new anchor charts, go some things organized and then left for the weekend.  I am getting a sort of new kid on Monday, but I didn't prepare for him.  Oops!  I know what I will do on Monday morning, don't I?!  In my defense, the custodian never did bring me the extra desk I had asked for today, so I had nothing to put his stuff in.  He'll survive...he knows me!  I had him last year.  He wasn't the highest in my class, but he was able to hold his own.  Well, I guess he isn't this year, which is a whole other bee in my bonnet.  Let's just say we don't love our 2nd grade team and wonder what they do with the kids we give them. 

But, I have the next 3 days to myself.  Or with my family.  Soccer season is now over, so there are no more early Saturday morning soccer games.  There will be nice, lazy Saturday mornings where I may actually get laundry done.  I might get to work in the my flower beds and make them look nice for winter (I do have to wait for it to not rain on the weekend...last week and this week...really?!?!?!?!).  Or I may just be lazy and do nothing and enjoy being home.  Which is what I think I will do now...the couch is calling my name, along with a blanket.  It's chilly today for us So Cal people! 

Happy Thursday, which is my Friday!


  1. Enjoy your much needed break. I'm so looking forward to Thanksgiving Break. Some me time for sure!
    First Grade Delight

  2. I found it to be a pain in the behind to try to get kids to put their books back correctly even WITH tons of labels. Now I have a bucket they return their books to (only 5 kids shop a day) and then at the end of the day or at recess, it literally takes me less than 10 minutes to put them all back.