A good Monday

Today was a good day. Even better that there are 4 days left before a weeks vacation. I can't wait. 5 days of not having to go to work! I am so excited to be able to get things done and get some good reading done. I just finished Danielle Steel's book Happy Birthday and bought the new one Hotel Vendome last night. If I get my stuff done,I can start tonight!

I got a new student today. Well, new to me this year. I had him in my class last year. He wasn't the top of the class, but hen worked with an extra aide and managed tom get very close to grade level. His guardian didn't want him to repeat, so he went on to second grade. Now, I know nothing happened over summer, he came to 2nd grade behind. For this year, he hasn't been very motivated, gets no help at home, but was getting lots of extra support at school until his attitude got really bad, then the help stopped. Somehow, it came to be that he would go back to first grade. There were 2 openings, and one wouldn't have been good, so he came back to me. I am a little worried, since I already had him and didn't get him to grade level. Hopefully he will be higher at the end and get the gaps filled in that he has. I noticed on his writing today he is still low, which is scary considering he has been in 2nd grade for almost 4 months!

I wonder, silently of course, what goes on once the kids leave us. I know it's not a good thought to have. We are supposed to have trust in the other teachers we work with, but I am losing it quickly. We have had several kids be moved down to first grade this year and it's like the others don't want to work hard. I bust my butt to get my kids as far as they can, but it doesn't seem like others do. There seems to be a lot of "fluff" going on in the grade above me, whereas we are doing work, work, work and a little fluff. I don't know...I guess we shouldn't say much until we are in their shoes, but I know they couldn't do what I do without extra help and some complaining. But, I know I will do my job as best I can and I am just one person. I can only get them as far as I can I one year and I hope for the best.

I guess it's time to play chutes and ladders. my daughter is sitting there questioning my if I am ready. I need to go do that, do dishes and make my plans for Wednesday...can't wait for a nice, fun family day at D-land! Happy Monday!

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