Yay for minimum days!

I am so glad Wednesday's are minimum days. It's a nice little break from my darlings. They are a pretty good bunch, but it's getting harder with a few of them. Maybe not harder, but weirder. Strange stuff lately that makes you go, "huh?"

But, I am home earlier than normal,and getting ready to go on a date night with my hubby! It's our anniversary today (9 years!) and we have a babysitter and are gonna paint the town red. We are going to dinner and a movie and will still be home by 9! We are party animals. And we have to work tomorrow! And it's 102* right now outside at 3:30 in the afternoon. Yeah, we don't have fall. But we don't have snow, so there is a payoff!

Happy Wednesday all! I'm off for the night with my love!

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  1. What is a minimum day? We don't have those, but it sounds nice. :)