Whirlwind days

Like very day this year, the days go by so quickly. No matter how well I have planned the day, there are always things I still needed to do. I don't know why that is this year, but it's how it's going for me. Hum.

Today we had an assembly. We have it every year. It's a good assembly and the kids like it, but it makes them a little nutty after. We had to change recess time today to go earlier, then we had to cancel focus time. We don't do well with change. I liked it, but my kids were off. To top it off, it was one of the kids birthdays, so we had to cram in math to have his "party" since it was minimum day. we get out right before 2 on early days, so there is less, time to think.

I would like to say I stay after and get a lot done, but I don't. I would like to say I come home and get a lot done, but sadly, no. I guess I waste a lot of time on minimum days. I did get my writing graded for report cards, so that was something. And I had a parent conference, so pretty good today. And at home, I got my dishes put away(they were a pile) and got the counters cleaned, so that was progress. I lost all motivation when I had to call parents to cancel soccer practice and then go sit and the field for those who didn't answer their phones. I guess they got the call since no one was there. I was a little pissed that I woke my daughter to go to the field, but we then went to get dinner. Eating dinner and then bathrobe and there goes my night. Bit, I did get my toenails done, so it is safe to wear sandals again! So for those of you having the threat of snow tomorrow, we will be back to sunny and

Tomorrow will be a busy project day at school. I'd like to say we are doing halloween stuff, but we are not. That will be saved for Friday and Monday. My kids are so lucky, huh? But, we have been busy learning, testing, testing and testing. Good times in my class!

Happy Wednesday! I see the weekend in sight. I hope to stay home and rest and relax and attack the pile of laundry!!!! I hope I am not alone in my lack of laundry motivation!

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