I couldn't come up with a better title for today. Nothing exciting, nothing fabulous, it was just a Tuesday. A good day, but Tuesday.

I did get all my testing done for report cards. My kids were pretty good, letting me test instead of teach. It's my leastbfavorite part of teaching. I know it's beneficial and useful, but it's so time consuming and there has got to be more to life than testing, testing and testing. But, it's done. Now comes the fun part of putting it all together and start report cards. They go home next week and then it's conference time. Ugh.

Today was a chilly day. It was cloudy and cool today and yesterday, after being in the 90's over the weekend. We had rain yesterday, which made my kids nutty. Today was just cloudy and cool, and tomorrow will be similar, I think. We were a bit chilly today, with highs in the 60's. It's fall, y'all. At least for a couple more days til we warm up again. Makes the kids go absolutely nutty.

It's red ribbon week this week. The kids get to dress up each day. Today was hawaiian day and yesterday was crazy hair day. I don't dress for the days, as I have nothing or I don't want to look goofy when I go home. Tomorrow is wearing red and we have an assembly, which will make the kids go nuttier than yesterday. Teaching what after? Hahaha aha!

12 weeks are almost behind us. I can't believe the year is a third of the way over. I feel like there is a group of kids who need so much more help to be able to catch up and get to where they need to be. I hope we have time and can make some more meaningful time in the next couple months to get them where they need to be. t leastnthey are hard workers who try hard. I just hope they can make it!

Here is a funny from today. One of my kids was trying to tell me about the people in Japan who had the tsunami damage their land. "mrs. Teacher...in Japan, they had a really bad thing happen. They has a big salami that made a big mess.". I bet they wish it was just a salami. I told her it was a tsunami and she said, "really, a tsunami? I thought that was something you eat!". Smetimes I just love 6 year olds!

Happy Tuesday!

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