They have lost their minds!

Oh. My. Word. My kid have lost their ever loving minds. A few days before Halloween and our school carnival and they are nuttier than a squirrels stash. I will be so glad when Monday is over, and even happier come wednesday when the sugar wears off!

I tried to do some fun crafty projects with my kids, but didn't turn out so hot. As a whole, my class forgot how to think today. It was bad. They were nutty, I was grumpy; not a good combination at all. I had such high hopes for today and it was such a disappointment for me.

Tomorrow will be spider day. We will learn as much as we can about siders in one day. Great teaching method? No, but it's what's gonna happen this year. And Monday will be pumpkin day. Same idea, different subject. I haven't quite managed to get into a groove this year and I don't know why. It makes me feel crappy, but I am trying to get over it and make the best of it and do what I can to wrap my ind around things. It seems like everyone has it all together and I am floundering. I am shooting for January to get it all together and have it make sense.

Enough of my pity party. I am gonna lay on the couch, watch The Big Bang Theory and doze off to sleep. A full day of teaching and a carnival tomorrow are in my future. Happy almost Friday!

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