Still around

I am still around, just haven't had a moment to blog really.  Life is going by at Mach 4 and there is no one to pick up the slack on laundry and cleaning, so that is taking the time away from blogging.  Here is a quick highlight of the last week:

Monday - regular day, nothing exciting.

Tuesday - RAIN and my observation.  My principal was 10 minutes late to it and then we were 5 minutes late to lunch.  Crazy!

Wednesday - RAIN all day.  Mind you, the Saturday before was over 100* and on this day it was 63*.  We don't do well with major temp. shifts!

Thursday - No rain, regular day.

Friday - A bit warmer, completed tests and decided to do art.  Dang it if my kids didn't whine the whole time we were doing projects (they had 3 - a tear art...my fingers hurt; leaf rubbings...it's too hard; marble painting a leaf cut out...this is stupid...and then a trip to the office for that little guy!).  I thought it would be nice to have some fun, but they can't handle it too well.  Whoda thunk it?

This week is shaping up to be just as crazy.  We are working on a writing/art project this week instead of starting a new story in reading.  That would have been easier and less stressful.  The kids who are really trying are doing very well, while there are others who don't give a hoot what they do.  So frustrating, but the norm, really.  Between coming home and tackling the weekend chores that didn't get done last weekend and won't get done this weekend, the mountain of laundry (it's folded now), getting in a workout and making dinner and cleaning up from dinner, and getting my daughter to bed, it's all I can do to be done with that by 9:30 and then it's time to hit the hay.  These longer nights/shorter days suck and make me lose all my energy and desire to do more than sleep!

Happy Tuesday.  I hear that Thanksgiving break is coming soon (like in 6 weeks or something).  Maybe I can blog then!  :)

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