Rewind...a week in review

Woo-hoo!  I am posting on a Saturday night!  That's a whole day early for me.  I just plopped down in front of the computer and thought I would post about the week.  Or Friday, really.  Friday was the day where we did our "fun", so that's all the counts!  :) 

A quick recap from 2 weeks ago...we had read some Huggly books by Tedd Arnold.  I had bought them years ago, read them a couple times, didn't care for them and left them in the bookcase.  I pulled them out this year and read them and loved them.  My kids absolutely loved them and were so excited each day when I would read to them.  Last Friday we did a directed drawing of Huggly.  I am trying my darndest to get more art into my week, but dang it if those weeks don't just fly by!  Here are some of their works of art...Huggly art. 

  There is a wall in the library that these are hanging on.  The librarian has opened it up for others, but no one has given her anything, so I will keep it decorated as well as I can! 

Yesterday, we did Spider Day.  We spent the week leading up to Friday reading the Miss Spider books by David Kirk and also doing some spider problem solving.  I was trying to get some "fun" in and make it educational at the same time.  We learned all about spiders within the 4 hours or so that we had.  We may not have learned it all, but we had fun in the process.  And the kids were so good all day, considering they were slightly crazy on Thursday.
We started by reading Spiders by Gail Gibbons.  I love her books.  I would like to do an author study, but they are so themed that it would be hard.  I just love the illustrations and the fact that they are non fiction.  We then filled in the chart above and then the kids filled in their papers below. 

 The students did this reading comprehension page and drew a spider.  After this, they were drawing spiders on everything they could find! 
 I found the cutest blog all about using toilet paper rolls.  I have to find it again, as I lost it (along with my mind!).  I saw these cute spiders and we had to make them.  Luckily I have been saving tp rolls all summer and beyond and have plenty.  If I have time, we will make a pumpkin on Monday!  Too cute!  I think their spiders turned out so cute, especially with the googly eyes! 
 This one is a Black Widow.  The little girl took a lot of time to get it just right.  Then the eye came off right after I took this and it was "ruined".
We marble painted webs.  They turned out better than mine last year.  This year, I used silver tempra paint on the black paper.  I love the silver and may look into buying the gold one, too! 

We put the spiders on their webs!

We ended the day by making our own paper spiders with the accordian legs.  It would have been easier to just watch a movie or do centers, but no, crazy teacher decided to do one more projects!  What was I thinking?  I was so tired after yesterday, but it was a good tired.  We then had the school carnival/festival/beg for money thing last night.  I made $68, which is good considering I normally make $20 if I am lucky.  I charged 25 cents per game, which was fair for candy (which I got all donated by parents!!!!).  Some crazy teachers were charging 75 cents for dumb games, but the kids were paying it.  I way low-balled my game.  Whoda thunk it? 

I left the carnival at almost 8pm with a migraine.  I came home, collapsed in bed (with my clothes on from the day) and laid there, hoping to not be sick.  Luckily the migraine went away a little bit later and I slept like a baby (thank you, Tylenol PM!).  

Today I had such big plans, but in the end, they didn't happen.  Hubby and I spent the morning at soccer, looking at a travel trailer and then debating on the trailer.  It's used, it's in pretty good shape with some minor repair work and I think it'll be ours tomorrow if the fridge, A/C and water heater work.  Camping here we come!  I did manage to clean my daughter's room, which is a feat in itself!  Her room is a mess almost all the time.  I guess I suck at parenting that way!  Then tonight, we went to Hobby Lobby!  I can say that now!  It opened yesterday down the way from us!  I could have been there for hours, but they were getting ready to close.  :(  I bought some cute owl stuff for my home, a couple things for my daughter and then we came home.  But I will be back.  Maybe next weekend...:)

I should be working on report cards, but that will be for tomorrow.  Once I get working on them I can get the done quickly, but I need to finish grading before I can actually do report cards!  I think I will get my daughter to bed, go to bed myself and sleep for the night.  Tomorrow will be a busy day!  Happy Saturday!


  1. I REALLY love your spider unit! I may just have to borrow those ideas ;)

  2. Please do! I got the spider can/have/are chart from somewhere in blog land. I don't know where I got it, but it's out there!

  3. Oh my gosh those spiders are adorable!