Picture overload

Here are some pictures of what we have done in the past couple of weeks.  I haven't posted a lot lately, so here is my month in review in pictures.  There are a lot of pics, but they are pretty cute if I say so myself!

We were learning short i words (way back when I think!) and we did a directed drawing of pigs in the mud.  I am glad I took the time to take the art classes in the summer.  It helped me in knowing how to better teach the kids how to make the lines and make their pictures.  Pretty cute!  And it doesn't hurt that this year's group is a little more artsy than last year, either!

We studied patterns.  To end the unit, the kids were able to use pattern block stickers to make patterns.  It was interesting to see some work while others just breezed right through it with no issues.  They were cute when they were up!

To end our science unit on matter, we made a mixture.  We had pretzels, marshmallows, raisins, chocloalte chips and cereal and the kids were able to take some of each to make their mixture.  They thought it was so neat to be able to eat it all together!  Now we have ants.  Yippee!

To celebrate Johnny Appleseed's birthday, we did a rotation last Friday (9/23).  In my class, we made apple tree pictures.  We used 3 different mediums - paper, crayon and paint.  We glued the tree trunk onto paper (thank goodness we have die cuts), colored the leaves with crayons and then finger painted the apples on.  Messy but fun!

In another room, the kids did a directed drawing of Johnny Appleseed. 

We spend the week reading stories about the Little Red Hen.  The kids colored a little red hen and then wrote about it.  It looked good for visitors. 

This last Friday, we did a directed drawing of Lilly from Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse.  They are too cute!  The librarian has them in the library for all to see!  She even laminated them for us!  I wanted to do Chrysanthemum, but this was really cute and fun!  Some of my faves are below!

I have a lot more pics, but they are on my phone and my phone doesn't want to send them to my computer.  Must be a lover's quarrel of some kind!  But, we did a really cute adding activity with die cut fish.  (After 14 years of teaching, I am learning how much fun the die cutter is and how much we can do with it!).  The kids had to take 9 or less fish and then put them on the paper into 2 groups and write a number sentence for them.  They look bright and cheery on the wall! 

Happy Sunday!  I haven't touched my lesson plans, but I have my lesson plan for my observations done and ready to go!  I hate being observed, though I know it will be fine.  I just hype myself up so much and then make myself sick in the process.  Plus, I need to decide for sure if I am gonna do National Board.  My hubby wants me to, I want to (in a way, though I am totally freaked about not passing) and my principal wants me to and will help me 100%.  Gonna keep thinking for a bit!  :)

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  1. Wow, those Lily drawings are REALLY good!! I would never know that 1st graders did them.

    Have you ever heard of the "Draw Write Now" books? They have directed drawings and a handwriting sample to copy. I used them when I taught 1st as a student teacher and the kids loved them. I am thinking I am going to have to pull them back out to use with my 2nd graders.