A day off and nothing to show

I had a great day being mommy today. I wish my daughters teacher had told us we didn't have to be at school at 7:45, but that we could have just gone to the pumpkin patch by 9am. But we were up and ready to go anyway, so that was good.

We had a nice time at the pumpkin patch and then ran a couple errands. I visited my grandmother, ran to my parents house and managed to get home at the same time that school gets out. So much for getting things done today! Oh well...they will be here tomorrow and the next day...

Today was one of the first sub days where I didn't think about what the kids should be doi g all day long. I didn't care. It's one day.they will survive, they will be fine and the world keeps turning. Tomorrow we will have some fun, learning of curse, but we will have some fun. Or at least all the kids that were good today. I hope it's all 22 little kids, but we shall see tomorrow.

I did finally buy some books from Scholastic. I haven't put in an order in years. I spent a Ron of money today, but I bought some books for me and some for my daughter for Christmas. She loves her books and loves reading. What more could we ask for? We also ran to the goodwill bookstore and got some books for cheap,too. Some are for me,some are for her. Imcant say no to books!

Well, it's almost Friday. It was a long week, but a good week. I met with some parents, felt like I taught my kids something and tomorrow we will have some fun as a class. Life is good! Happy almost Friday!

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