Here's to a Tuesday that can't end fast enough!  I woke this morning, feeling good and had energy.  Took my shower, checked my facebook and e-mail and then went to wake up my daughter.  She proceeded to tell me she threw up last night all over the floor.  Lovely.  So, she couldn't go to school today, which she cried about.  I told her she could go lay in my bed and watch TV.  I found out that my hubby had been up all night long with the stomach bug as well.  Yay, me!  I went to work and let them fend for themselves!

I felt good all day, but I still made lesson plans for tomorrow, just in case.  I am out on Thursday as well, for Mommy day where I get to go on the field trip with my daughter, so I did plans for tomorrow and Thursday.  I figure if I feel fine tomorrow I know what I am doing and also I have my things ready for Thursday as well.  I won't be having to stay late tomorrow after school to get it all done.  I swear it's harder to plan for a sub for one day than it is to plan for the whole year!

I still feel pretty good tonight, but I think I am psyching myself up about not feeling well.  I am so worried about being sick that I might make myself sick.  Trying hard to think of other things, but...Does anyone else do that?  Maybe I'm the only crazy one!  I am so worried about being sick for my daughter's field trip.  I don't want to be sick for that, as every time I have something planned, I end up sick.  Last year I took the day off for her IEP and we were going to go to Legoland and I ended up with a 103 fever and strep throat.  Lovely.  But not this time...I refuse to get sick! 

Time to put my no longer sick daughter to bed.  She was fine all day today and ran around like a crazy baby with my hubby asleep on the couch.  Here's to hoping that the fast and furious stomach bug is gone and doesn't make any more surprise visits.  My kids at school seem all better, so hopefully this is going away fast! 

Happy Tuesday!  Here's to hoping everyone else is bug free and healthy!

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