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I did something today.  OK, tonight, but I did something.  I made this little contraction page to use in class this week since we are going to start diving into the world of contractions.  I am a little shocked that we are already there in life, but it is the 12th week of school after all.  What was I expecting to happen? 

In our reading program, Houghton Mifflin from many years ago (this is year 10 on this program...CA is poor, remember?), we will cover r blends this week along with contractions.  I am not prepared for the blends this year, but contractions here we come! 

The holidays, or major fun times in the year have come up and slapped me in the face.  I am not prepared.  I am not ready for them to be here.  And heaven help me that it's almost Thanksgiving.  Oh crap!  I am not ready.  So, I made my little contraction worksheet a little, teeny tiny bit related to what we will be doing on Friday (AKA Spider Day)! 

If you can use the contraction pages, please do, just show a girl some love...or at least like!  I am going to use the first page as my whole group match up activity and then the other page they can do on their own later in the day/week.  You can get you own copy here since I don't know how to put the cute little picture of it on my blog and you click there (any advice on how to do it would be great!!!

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